The Acrabatic Club is the first episode in T-o-s (Season 2)


Tom (Charectar), Lenny, Kyle, Max and Milo take Joardon home with them only to realize Jade has melted in water and still trying to create plans to destroy Joardon. Her wish comes true as her voice gets into Joardon and Joardon tries to fight John and his friends.

By: Roc.


Tom, Lenny, Kyle, Max bring Joardan from the park, Joardan then goes to the pool where Jade was sent and half melted. Her head only melted halfly. Jade's voice transfers over to Joardan's, Joardan then starts to act like Jade but forgets how to do acrabatics. So he tries out swinging on the floor. Joardan then jumps, thanking Lenny for all the moves he taught him. Lenny knew Joardan was faking his forgetfulness the whole time. Joardan says because of that Jade's voice transfer'd to his, Tom, his friends and Joardan go back to the river and Lenny brings Jade's voice out of him and she goes onto the clouds dots come out of her arms forming chocolate covered dots wich fall from the sky and onto the ground Tom, Lenny, Kyle, Max, Tim and Joardan go home on have fun outside.

By: Roc.


Puss in Boots as Tom (Charectar).

Woody as Lenny.

Big Show as Kyle.

Undertaker as Max.

Danny as Tim

Jerry as Joardan.

Shacita Clarece Rice as Jade.

By: Roc.

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