The Adventures of Ash Ketchum (Custom TV Series) is a television series that premiered on September 13, 1997. It is created by Pikachufreak.


  • From the creators of Rugrats and Aaahh Real Monsters, the show resolves on Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon). He lives at home with his partner Pikachu, his younger sister Mary (from Mild N Wooly) whose partner is Fluffy (a Mareep), his mother Wilhelmina (from For Crying Out Loud), his grandmother Agatha (from The Scheme Team) and his son Tooty The Elephant (from Fluffy Gardens). He has a crush on Serena Tsukino whose pet cat, younger brother, daughter and parents are Luna, Sammy Tsukino (Mary's boyfriend), Rini Tsukino (Tooty's girlfriend), Illene Tsukino and Ken Tsukino (all from Sailor Moon) and has many best friends like Kevin Whitney (from Krypto The Superdog) whose younger sister and girlfriend are Melanie Whitney (also from Krypto The Superdog) and Kimi Finster whose brother is Chuckie Finster (both from All Grown Up Season 2), Falkner (from Fighting Flyer With Fire) whose girlfriend is Koyomi Mizuhara (from Azumanga), Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers (both from What's New, Scooby-Doo) whose girlfriends are Amber (from Scooby-Doo and The Alien Invaders) and Josie McCoy whose sisters are Valerie Brown and Melody Valentine (all from Josie and The Pussycats) and Raiden (from Ring Masters) whose girlfriend is Yoko (from Team Galaxy). He also has a rivalry with Gary Oak (also from Pokemon) whose younger sister, girlfriend, father and grandfather are Peggy (from Spring Fever), Raye Hino (also from Sailor Moon) whose younger brother is Jordan Winston (Peggy's boyfriend, from Much Ado About Babysitting), Rory (also from Spring Fever) and Professor Oak (also from Pokemon) and has a total crush on Bianca (from Pokemon Heroes) whose boyfriend is Darien Phillips (also from Sailor Moon). There's also Kevin's rival Joey Wheeler (from Yu-Gi-Oh!) whose girlfriend is Maylu Sakurai (from Megaman NT Warrior), Kevin's total crush Dana Tan (from Batman Beyond) whose boyfriend is Alex O'Connell (from The Mummy), Falkner's rival Morty (from A Ghost of A Chance and From Ghost To Ghost) whose girlfriend and cousin are Latoya Parker (who has Mr. Parker, both from The Superhero Secret) and Eusine (Raiden's rival, from For Ho-oh The Bells Toll) whose girlfriend is Lillian Wheeler (from Chips N Grapes). Premiering on September 13, 1997, the series is produced by Klasky Csupo in association with Hanna Barbera. It is shown in its 17th Season and broadcast on Cartoon Network.



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