The Adventures of Ash Ketchum is a FamilyChoice series made in 2011.


  • It centers on Ash Ketchum, as he lives his life in Pallet Town with only his mother Delia Ketchum for company, as well as his Pikachu. He has a crush on Sakura Avalon whose brother, father and teachers are Tori Avalon, Aidan Avalon (Delia's love interest) and Miss Layla Mackenzie and Mr. Terada, and


  • Sarah Natochenny as Ash and Delia Ketchum
  • Ikue Ohtani as Pikachu
  • Carly McKillip as Sakura Avalon
  • Tony Simson as Tori Avalon
  • Brian Drummond as Aidan Avalon, Mr. Whitney
  • Linda Rae as Miss Layla Mackenzie
  • Steve Blum as Mr. Terada
  • Alberto Ghisi as Kevin Whitney
  • Tara Strong as Shareena Wickett
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Andrea Sussman, Melanie Whitney
  • Billy West as Emmett Roswell
  • Nicole Oliver as Mrs. Whitney, Meilin Rae
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Nate Adams
  • Jimmy Zoppi as Gary Oak, Professor Samuel Oak, James, Meowth
  • Marc Thompson as Professor Samson Oak
  • Craig Blair as Tracey Sketchit
  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Jolene Harrington, Mel Szyslak, Jody Priscilla, Theresa Radcliffe
  • Jocelyne Loewen as Malinda Doe
  • Anne Marie Blanco as Teodora Villavicencio
  • Kerry Williams as Macy
  • Jocelyne Loewen as Rebecca Norman
  • Jennifer Hale as Thorn
  • Jane Weilden as Dusk
  • Kimberly Brooks as Luna
  • Michele Knotz as Jessie
  • Kayzie Rogers as Wobbuffet
  • Tara Jayne as Ritchie
  • Satomi Korogi as Sparky
  • Roxanne Beck as Giselle
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara as Madison Taylor
  • Jason Spisak as Kaito Tatsuno
  • Michel Lindsay as Rick
  • Lisa Ortiz as Icy
  • Caren Lyn Tackett as Darcy
  • Suzy Myers as Stormy
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Jared Wilson


Season 1 (2011-2012)


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