U.S. Version

  • Narrator: From Nixcorr26 productions, it's adventure.
  • Buster: We've not a moment to lose!
  • Narrator: It's excitement!
  • D.W.: Buster! Look Out!
  • Narrator: and it's coming your way!
  • (Buster Screams)
  • Narrator: It's The Adventures of Buster The Great Baxter Detective!
  • Buster: Smile, Everyone.
  • Narrator: He's Buster Baxter.
  • Arthur: Amazing.
  • Narrator: And he's teaming up with Spike.
  • (Lucifer screams)
  • Narrator: Arthur and little Dora Winifred.
  • (D.W. bites a hand and The Duke screams)
  • Narrator: To take on The Grand Duke, The World's Biggest Owl.
  • The Duke: What did you call me?
  • Buster: You're a slimy, contemptable NIGHT OWL!
  • (The Duke screams)
  • Narrator: You're invited to join the fun,
  • (Crowd Boos at Garfield & Odie)
  • Narrator: with Paramount Pictures & Nixcorr26's classic,
The Adventures of Buster The Great Baxter Detective!
  • (Cymbals bang Buster)

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