1. Emily's Scruffy Friend (Emily and Dirty Phil - US)

Emily has to go to the coaling plant to work with Phil the Scruffy Coal collecting Tank Engine. But when Emily arrives at the Coaling Plant, Phil decides to make her dirty. He shunts Emily under the hopper and Emily gets covered in coal. When Emily is free, she gets cross and decides to pay Phil for pushing her under the hopper by pushing him back and off the rails.

  • Introducing Phil.
  • Featuring Emily, Thomas, Henry, James, Molly, Percy, The Fat Controller and the Plant Manager.
  • Cameos by Bill, Ben, Mavis and Rosie.

2. Percy and the Messy Situation

Percy has to collect coal trucks from the Coaling Plant from Phil and take them to the docks, but Phil decides that Percy must take his load of trucks there too. But Percy gets dirty and coal falls out of Phil's coal trucks.

  • Featuring Thomas, Phil, Emily, Gordon and Percy.
  • Cameos by Edward, Flora, Neville, Hank, Molly, Duck and Peter.

3. Phil messes up the yard

Phil makes a big mess in the yards by knocking coal trucks off the rails. Emily gets cross when she sees what Phil has done. Emily decides that Phil must clear the mess, but Phil never wants to.

  • Featuring Phil, Emily, Flora, Percy, The Fat Controller and Thomas.
  • Cameos by Gordon and Arthur.

123thomas45. A Happy Day for Emily (Pierce Brosnan). Stock footage with "Thomas and The Birthday Mail" episode. It was rainy loud day on the Island of So door. Emily shooked a LOUD THUNDER by afternoon.

Phil the Scruffy Coal meant Toby to the smelters. Phil is exclaimed criminal of mastermind. "BWOOOOOOOOMBABLUUUURRRTT-BLATT!!" echoed Toby! "MAYBE BUT THEN now leave? YOSHI now her but Phil was sad?" called Toby. Shook enough. Huffdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf

Later That Afternoon... Phil the Scruffy Coal wonder how the Treasure Trove Bookstore.

Maybe this would be Mr. O'Malley thought you never ask, thought Phil likely. PERFECT! "IT'S TOO LATE!" Dear this Toby, please to Duck (mentioned) HMMM..... does any idea this from the.... HMMM....... states on a 10 violin twins. Thank you for this food for his day. Amen Jesus. "PERFECT! #1 #2 and #3 trumpets! GOOD!" cried Phil happily. "Dodeodoeoedoeodeodoedoeodoeodeodoeodeodum dum dum dum dum dum ba da doom!" Phil saw Bill and Ben (cameo) raced him down.

Stops rain softly went Toby and Phil. "Rain is not stops! GREAT! Do Phil," said Toby.

"PHIL? AGAIN?" he called a voice. "COOKIE HAS, gone," he added. Then a rain squash loudly and stops. "COOKIE HAS, idea Toby is again," said Phil. Cookie had, the giving tree Phil, he huffed to himself. "WE COOKIE HAS IDEA!" "Cuck Buck Duck F**k Guck Luck Muck Puck Ruck Suck Tuck Yuck! A really, really, really new hope," said Toby. "COOKIE!" "Cunk Bunk Dunk Funk Gunk Hunk Junk Punk Sunk!" cried Phil.

Don't be dare. If would hope if I wouldn't any one had mores. Huffdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf

Phil went Sir Topham Hatt saw Emily. "Well done, not any more Emily!" said Sir Topham Hatt. Phil was pleased. "I didn't now but Gordon (cameo). THANKS!" said Phil. A beautiful again and he spluttered. Huffdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf

Phil went the factory into her save. "I thought Toby thank you for save," said Phil.

Phill beamed buffered to buffered. And even saves the day. THE END!

5. Percy's Heavy Day

Percy has to collect Phil's coal trucks and take them to Brendam Docks, but Phil tells Percy that the couplings from his trucks are old so he has to take care but Percy didn't listen to him. Phil decides to catch up with him.

  • Featuring Phil, The Fat Controller, James and Percy.
  • Cameos by Rosie and Emily.

6. Stanley works it out

One cold winter day, Stanley has to deliver coal to the villages. Phil warns Stanley that the track is very slippery and icy, but Stanley ignores his warning and chuffs away. But Stanley skids on the slippery icy rails and crashed off the track. Duck comes to the rescue.

  • Featuring Stanley, Thomas, Duck, The Fat Controller and Phil.
  • Cameos by Hector, Arthur, Henry, Percy and Peter.
  • The first episode features Stanley's first accident.

See Stanley Works It Out script

7. Peter helps out

Peter has to help Phil take his coal trucks to Mainland Harbour, but Peter runs out of puff so Stanley has to take the trucks for him.

  • Featuring Peter, Phil (Non speaking role), Stanley and Thomas.
  • Cameos by Toby and Hank.

"Dirty" Phil is voiced by Rupert Degas in both the UK and US. His voice sounds similar to Dart's.

Peter is voiced by Martin Sherman in the US and Keith Wickham in the UK.

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