The Adventures of Jack and the Pack is a direct-to-video series. These 5 episodes feature a second return of Jack and the Pack (first been On Site with Thomas). It is released in the US on July 12, 2011 and is released in the UK on Augest 20, 2011. All episodes are narrated by Ringo Starr.


1. Patrick and Philip: After Max and Monty bash Alfie into a barrier through a broken bridge where Percy arrives and stops and looks at Alfie and goes for help. Patrick and Philip pull Alfie out of the broken bridge. and Alfie is safe.

  • Featuring: Percy, Jack, Alfie, Max & Monty and Patrick & Philip.

2. Max and Monty Fight: Neil takes Max and Monty to the constructio site where Jack, Alfie, Ned, Kelly & Kevin\, Buster, Patrick & Philip and Peter are working. But as Max and Monty are working, they start fighting. They bash, crash, push and knock themselves. Neil brigs Miss Jeny and Max and Monty are scolded by Miss Jenny. She says that they have caused alot of trouble and sends them back home.

  • Featuring: Neil, Jack, Alfie, Ned, Kelly & Kevin, Max & Monty, Buster, Peter, and Miss Jenny
  • Interducing Kevin and Peter.

3. On Site with Sir Handel: Sir Handel the old and wise narrow gauge engine takes Jack and Alfie to a construction site where the pack is working. Sir Handel and Max and Monty are already scared. Kelly & Kevin tell the Pack a story about a stream lorry who is working but has a accident and died. Sir Handel and Max and Monty are already scared. When the break is done, Max and Monty taunt and tease the other machines. The foreman tells them to take the loads to the dump. Max and Monty go to the dump when a whistle is heard. And they run away back to the pack. The ghost truck appears. It's Skarloey. Sir Handel tells Skarloey about scaring Max and Monty. Max and Monty are silly.

  • Featuring Skarloey, Sir Handel, Jack, Alfie, Ned, Kelly & Kevin, Patrick & Philip, Peter and Miss. Jenny.

4. Thomas and the New Machines: Thomas brings some new machines named Dilly a new digger, Big Pikey, a new bucket wheel Excavator, and Kieren, a new tipper lorry. They are new machines. Jack welcomes them to the crew. But Dilly has an accident while taking some mud to load Neil's trucks. Jack comes to his rescue. Dilly is saved.

  • Featuring Thomas, Neil, Jack, Alfie, Patrick & Philip, Max & Monty, Dilly, Big Pikey, Kieren and Miss Jenny.
  • Interducing Dilly, Big Pikey and Kieren

5. Kelly & Kevin Do a Crapper: The pack is working at a new farm shop. Sir Handel, Rheneas, Duck, Oliver and BoCo arrive to see the Pack. But Max and Monty call the railway engines and machines rude names. Miss Jenny punishes them.

  • Featuring Duck, Oliver, BoCo, Sir Handel, Rheneas, Jack, Alfie, Ned, Kelly & Kevin, an Max & Monty.

Characters Introduced

  • Philip (Patrick's twin)
  • Dilly
  • Peter (Patrick and Philip's cousin)
  • Big Pikey the Bucket Wheel Excavator
  • Kieran the Tipper Lorry
  • Kevin (Kelly's twin)

Featuring Characters

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • BoCo
  • Neil
  • Skarleoy
  • Rheneas
  • Sir Handel
  • Jack
  • Alfie
  • Ned
  • Kelly & Kevin
  • Max & Monty
  • Buster
  • Patrick & Philip
  • Dilly
  • Peter
  • Kieran

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