The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner Season One

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner: Season One is The Complete First Season on the 2-Disc DVD. with the all 13-episodes on the complete first season.

Disc 1

1. Birth of a Salesman / Home Wrecker

2. One of Us / Five Days of FLARG

3. Normal Boy / Who's Your Daddy?

4. The N Men Part 1 / Back to the Norm

5. The N Men Part 2 / Mind Over Magic

6. Vanishing Act / Smart Attack

7. The Evil Beneath / Teeth for Two

8. The Trouble with Clones Part 1 / Operation F.U.N.

Disc 2

1. The Trouble with Clones Part 2 / Miss Dimsdale

2. Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius / Escape from Unwish Island

3. A Beautiful Mine Part 1 / Most Wanted Wish

4. A Beautiful Mine Part 2 / MicroPhony

5. The Retroville 9 / Information Stupor Highway Part 1

Bonus Features

Bonus Episodes:

The Jiggler (Adventure Time)

Brobot (Jimmy Neutron)

Characters Design:

Jimmy Neutron Characters

The Fairly OddParents Characters


Distributed By Warner Home Video

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