The Adventures of Lewis in Grouchland is one of my Upcoming Spoofs made by Me John Horton.


Ernie - Ash Ketchum(Pokemon)

Bert - Finn the Human(Adventure Time)

Elmo - Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)

Clock Alarm Bird -Milo(Fish Hooks)

Blanket - Bambi

Laundry Guy at Laundry Room - Scrooge Mcduck

Baby Bear - Rigby(Regular Show)

Big Bird - Simba(The Lion King)

Gordon - Harry Potter

Bob - Prince Eric

Luis - Roger(101 Dalmatians)

Gina - Ariel(The Little Mermaid)

Susan- Eudora(Princess and the Frog)

Emily(Power Rangers Samurai)-Maria

Zoe - Melody(The Little Mermaid II)

Telly - Melman the Giraffe

Cookie Monster - Spongebob

Grover - Phineas Flynn

Super Grover - Sideswipe

Count Von Count - Johnny Bravo

Mr.Johnson - Scrooge(Christmas Carol 2009)

Oscar The Grouch - Squidward(Spongebob Squarepants)

Rosita - Sabrina Spellman(Animated/Secret Life)

Officer Grouch - Wreck It Ralph

Cab Grouch - Rocko(Rocko's Modern Life)

Humoungus Chicken - Grand Duke of Owls

Grouch Mayer - Doc(Snow White 1937)

Grouch Cop - Blue Senturion

Huxley - Gaston(Beauty and the Beast)

Bug - Batty Koda

Pesties - Fidget, Pain and Panic, Banzai, Ed, Raith and Eddy(Timon and Pumbaa), 

Trash Queen's Minions - Wilbur Robinson and Marlin the Clownfish

Trash Queen - Cinderella(Disney)

Prairie Dawn- Isabella Garcia Shaprio

Grizzly - Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)

Stuckweed - Woody(Toy Story)

Animals - Spirit Dream Eaters, Remy the Rat and His Family Emile, Mario Luigi, Timon and Pumbaa, Kovu, Ventus, Roxas, Zhane, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Lea, Hayner Pence Olette, Buzz Lightyear, Verne and RJ, ETC.

Grouchland Citizens - Various Animated Characters

Scenes and Songs

1. Opening/Countdown

2. Together Forever(Elmo and Blanket)/Together Forever(Laundry Place)

3Hi Melody/ Lewis Pretends to be Zoo animals/ Melody and Lewis Fight over Bambi/ Look what you did!/ Suddenly Melman/ Super Sideswipe/4 Squidward Please bring back Bambi/ Lewis Drops in The Trash Can/ Have a Nice Trip!

5 Welcome To Grouchland/ Reading Cards

6 It's Gaston/ Whatever is Mine i Own It/ Bye Bye Whoopie!

7 Can Someone help out Lewis/ Lilo could help

8. Lewis! Lewis! Where's Lewis/ The gang goes help Lewis

9.Batty Koda keeping an eye out on Lewis/Lilo Shows Lewis a Way to Red Claw's/ I'm Stuck/We're Coming Lewis

10 Woody(Toy Story)/ Take the First Step/ You better Watch out Gaston

11 The gang at Grouchland/ Squidward hangs out with The Animated Gang/ The rest of the Gang finds someone to help look for Lewis/ The Gang in Jail

12 Lewis trapped In Caves/ Lewis's Way Out/ I'm Walking

13 Mine!

14 Lewis Gets Help From Batty/ The Gang still in jail with Squidward

15 Lewis At trash queen's Place/ I See a Kingdom/ Raspberry Challenge

16 Gaston Sends a Secret Weapon/ Hurry Lewis/Grand Duke of Owls/ Lewis is not going to Give Up

17 Lilo comes to Help the Gang/ We're you going to say Friend?/ When they take our goo we got to do!

18 Iago Tells Littlefoot to Have Courage

19 Lewis vs Gaston/ Get that Whoopie/ No! YES!/ Stop Gaston/ Bambi is safe with Lewis

20. Lewis and Melody apologizes and share the Bambi Together Forever(Finale)/ Thank you All for Helping

21. Credits(You've got a Friend in Me)

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