The adventures of Lewis in Grouchland is a fanfiction Cartoon x Over created by John Horton on


Ernie-Ash Ketchum

Bernie- Finn the Human

Bird in the clock- Milo(Fish Hooks)

Elmo-Lewis(Meet The Robinsons)


Gordon- Harry Potter

Big Bird- Simba

Telly Monster-Melman(Madagascar)

Baby Bear- Rigby

Gina- Ariel

Count von Count- Marshall Lee(Fionna and Cake)

Luis-Roger(101 Dalmatians)

Melody(Little Mermaid 2)- Zoe

Rosita- Isabella(Phineas and Ferb)

Susan-Eudora(Princess and the Frog)

Ruthie-Nani(lilo and stitch)


Supergrover-Optimus Prime

Oscar the Grouch-Squidward Tentacles

Maria- Emily(Power Rangers Samuari)


Grouchland Citizens- Animated Characters


Grouchland Police Officer-Razoul

Ice Cream Grouch- Skids

Bug- Iago

Pesites- Fidget, Banzai, Pain,Panic, Creeper, Djion


Stuckweed's Friends- Bikini Bottom Citizens


Little Bug on Rock- Wheelie

Trash Queen's Minions-Phineas and Ferb

Trash Queen- Cinderella(Disney)

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