The Adventures of Malcolm Neutron, Krelboyne Genius is a parody made by PatrickBobSponge. It features Malcolm in the Middle clips and Jimmy Neutron audio.


  • Jimmy Neutron - Malcolm Wilkerson (Malcolm Neutron)
  • Carl Wheezer - Stevie Kenarben (Stevie Wheezer)
  • Sheen Estevez - Reese Wilkerson (Reese Estevez)
  • Cindy Vortex - Cynthia Sanders (Cynthia Vortex)
  • Libby Folfax - Piama Tananahaakna-Wilkerson (Piama Folfax)
  • Nick Dean - Francis Wilkerson (Francis Dean)
  • Ms. Fowl - Caroline Miller (Caroline Fowl)
  • Hugh Neutron - Hal Wilkerson (Hal Neutron)
  • Judy Neutron - Lois Wilkerson (Lois Neutron)
  • Ebenezer Wheezer - Abe Kenarben (Abe Wheezer)
  • Martha Wheezer - Kitty Kenarben (Kitty Wheezer)
  • Mr. Estevez - Craig Feldspar (Craig Estevez) (I'm running out of ideas)
  • King Goobot - Commandant Spangler (Commandant Goobot)
  • Ooblar - Stanley (Stooblar)
  • Eustace Strych - Chad (Chad Strych)
  • Brobot - Dewey Wilkerson (Dewbot)
  • Farley Pakovski - Dabney Hooper (Dabney Pakovski)
  • Jamie Wilkerson - Baby Eddie (Baby Jamie)

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