This os the second movie based on Thomas the Tank Engine. The first one is Thomas and the Magic Railroad


  • Murdoch as Big Bird (Murdoch and Big Bird are both big and friendly)
  • Hank as Snuffy
  • Percy as Elmo
  • Rosie as Zoe
  • The Red Carpet as The Blanket
  • Rheneas as Dorothy
  • Thomas and Edward as Ernie and Bert (Thomas and Edward are like Ernie and Bert at times)
  • Gordon as Cookie Monster (Gordon and Cookie Monster are both blue)
  • James as Grover
  • Emily as Rosita
  • The Troublesome Trucks as The Honkers
  • Oliver as Count Von Count
  • Old Slow Coach as Gladys the Cow
  • Billy as The Alarm Clock Bird
  • Flora as Prairie Dawn
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Gordon
  • Stanley, Donald, Douglas, and Neville as Little Chrissy and The Alphabeats
  • Lady Hatt as Susan
  • Diesel as Oscar (Diesel and Oscar are both grumpy)
  • Trevor as Baby Bear
  • Fergus as Sherlock Hemlock
  • Gremlin as Watson
  • Diesel 10 as Huxley (both villains)
  • Rusty as Bug (Rusty & Bug are both small)
  • Harold as The Giant Chicken
  • Miss Jenny as The Queen of Trash
  • The Diesels as The Grouches
  • D261 as The Grouch Mayor
  • Arry as The Grouch Cop
  • Bert as the Grouch Jailer
  • Salty as Old Grouch Man
  • Belle as Grizzy
  • Kevin as Football Stenchman
  • Victor as Collander Stenchman
  • Den as Grouch Cab Driver
  • Dart as Donald Grump
  • Splatter as Grouch Ice Cream Customer
  • Dodge as Grouch Parrot
  • Bulgy as Caterpillar
  • Tiger Moth as Huxley's Helicopter
  • Toad as Stuckweed
  • The Bees as The Fireflies
  • The Narrow Gauge Coaches as The Pestites

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