The Adventures of Peter Pan is an Anime series by Nippon Animation and directed by Takashi Nakamura, Yoshio Kuroda and Akiyoshi Hongo.

It was aired on the Disney Channel on January 1, 1991 at the United States.



  • Peter Pan - The Hero of the Series. Voiced by: Miko Hughes
  • Wendy Moira Angela Darling - The oldest of three siblings who flies away to Neverland with Peter (followed by her brothers). Voiced by: Allison Mack
  • John Darling - Wendy's young brother, who is always getting into some kind of trouble. Voiced by: Erik von Detten
  • Michael Darling - Wendy's youngest brother, who shows a great deal of courage for his age. Voiced by: Eric Lloyd
  • Princess Luna - A Powerful Princess of Light. Voiced by: Judith Barsi
  • Tiger Lily - A tomboyish Indian Princess that John starts fall in love with. Voiced by: Thora Birch
  • Tinkerbell - A Fairy and one of Peter's Companions. Voiced by: Julia Roberts

The Lost Boys


  • Captain Hook - The Main Villain and leader of the Pirates. Voiced by: Ron Moody
  • Smee - An old Pirate that serves under Captain Hook. Voiced by: Bob Hoskins
  • Cecco - The Leader of the Pirates when Hook is not around. Voiced by: Jim Carrey

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