The Adventures of Ralph Season 1 on Toon Disney is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It features The Adventures of Ralph episodes broadcast on Toon Disney. It begins on March 4, 2002 and it stars Ralph (from Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?), his sister Cassandra (from The Problem With Paras) whose boyfriend is Simon (from The Poke-Spokesman), his girlfriend Nikki (from Cardcaptors), his best friends Sylvester (from A Farfetch'd Tale) whose older brother, girlfriend and parents are Keith (from So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd) whose girlfriend, best friend and mother are Miyu Kozuki (from UFO Baby), Shingo (from Wired For Battle) whose girlfriend is Miyuki Takara (from Lucky Star) and Rochelle (from Roll On, Pokemon) and Benny whose older brother and girlfriend are Fernando (from Tricks of The Trade) whose girlfriend is Julie Yamamoto (from Ben 10 Alien Force) and Sally Murphy (from Sealab 2020), his rival Chase whose girlfriend is Coco (both from Fighting Foodons), his neighbor Emily (also from Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?) whose boyfriend is Tyson Granger (from Beyblade), his total crushes Cammy White whose boyfriend is Vega (both from Street Fighter Alpha The Series) and Saga Bergman (from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar) whose boyfriend is Rod (from Dinosaur King) and his parents Miss Wimple (from Dexter Detention) and Major Man (from Major Competition) plus his daughter Crystal whose siblings are Dora and Jared (all from Putting The Air Back In Aerodactyl).

Episode 1:



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