1. Sadie - Sadie is a 7 year old girl. She has medium, wavy, curly and bright red hair. She has green eyes and freckles and she also wears a pink and yellow headband. She wears pink, red, yellow and green. She has a cat named Hucklisse and a dog named Daisy. She takes her little sister, Janae to some places. She wonders where her friends are and she can find the lost and found stuff for her friends. She sounds like Emmy from Dragon Tales. She is voiced by Sonja Ball.
  2. Janae - Janae is Sadie's 4 year old little sister. She has short, curly and light blonde hair. She has blue eyes. She wears pink with white polka dots. She also wears four pink bows with white polka dots on her curly hair. Janae has a doll named Clara. She plays with it and puts her in the dollhouse. She sometimes cries and wails when she loses her Clara doll. She has a pet duck named Quackette. She loves her big sister, Sadie. She sounds like a 3 year old child. She has a high pitched voice. She is voiced by Tara Strong.
  3. Mom
  4. Dad
  5. Hanna - Hanna is Sadie's 7 year old friend. She has long and curly bright red hair. She wears yellow, orange, red, blue and green. She says "Golly!" when she is surprised. She also has blue eyes and freckles. She wore a rainbow headband, a light blue dress, white socks with a blue stripe on the top and black mary janes. She sounds like Huckle Cat from The Busy World of Richard Scarry. She is voiced by Sonja Ball.

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