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The Adventures of Shining Time Station is a spin-off cartoon animated series of the Friturtoons series. The series airs on Cozi TV Local Saturday Mornings, and as TV Family Specials and Mr. Conductor's Friturtoons Tales.


Series Regular

  • Duane Lawrence as Mr. Conductor (Season 1-7)
  • Alicyn Packard (as Miss Naughty) as Mrs. Conductor (Season 7-8)
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Mr. Conductor (Season 8-present)
  • Orlando Brown as Tommy
  • Tom Kenny as Phil
  • Kelly Miyahara as Emily
  • Brian O'Conner as Schemer
  • Didi Conn as Stacy Jones
  • Tom Jackson as Billy Twofeathers
  • Mart Hulswit as J.B. King
  • Jonathan Shapiro as Schemee
  • Dionne Quan as Kimi Finster
  • Jennifer Aquino as Chelsea
  • Jaden Smith as Dre Parker

The Jukebox Band

  • Jonathan Freeman as Tito Swing
  • Olga Marin as Didi
  • Rory Dodd as Tex
  • Craig Marin as Rex
  • Beverly Glenn as Grace the Bass


Season 1

  1. Schemer For A Day (Friturtoons Stories: James' Worst Nightmare and Runaway James)
  2. Tommy Cleans Up (Friturtoons Stories: Thomas and Sir Handel Help Plankton and The Trouble With James)
  3. Schemer Alone Again (Friturtoons Stories: Dino Language and Yoshi's Stolen Picture)
  4. Stacy's Accident (Friturtoons Stories: Cartoon Wars Part One and Cartoon Wars Part Two)
  5. Schemer's Bad Choice (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi The School President and Mario To The Rescue)
  6. Schemer's Increbible Gift (Friturtoons Stories: Dinobeard and Thomas and Yoshi Help Duncan)
  7. Mr. Conductor Cleans Up (Friturtoons Stories: Trusty Luigi and Breast Cancer Show Ever)
  8. Emily's Bike Accident (Friturtoons Story: Luigi Saves The Day)
  9. Schemer's Jail Trouble (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi's Ghostly Trick and Woolly Bear Yoshi)
  10. Stacy Does Well (Friturtoons Stories: Mario and the Old Bridge and Luigi and The Boulder)
  11. Kimi Comes Over (Friturtoons Stories: Gligar and The Christmas Train and Sudowoodo and The Halloween Train)
  12. Kimi Cleans Up (Friturtoons Stories: Bubbles The Crybaby and Buttercup The Strongest)
  13. Kimi's Striped Tights (Friturtoons Stories: Franklin's Date and Chikorita and The Stoplight)
  14. Kimi Joins The Crew (Friturtoons Stories: James The Magnificent and Pooh Helps His Friend)
  15. Schemer's Bad Dream (Friturtoons Stories: Dunkin' Rabbit and Rabbit and The Runaway Elephant)
  16. Kimi's Ballet (Friturtoons Stories: Blossom's Carnival Special and Cyndaquil Gets Tricked)
  17. Mr. Conductor Falls In Love (Friturtoons Stories: Meowth and The Foolish Fish Unown and Tigger, Rabbit and The Old Mansion)
  18. Tommy Meets Rachael (Friturtoons Story: Pikachu, Bulbasaur and The Pigs)
  19. Schemer VS Stacy (Friturtoons Stories: Tigger The Weatherman and Buizel Takes A Tumble)
  20. Kimi The Hillbilly Girl (Friturtoons Stories: SpongeBob Falls Down A Ditch and Squidward Down The Canel)

Season 2

  1. Kimi The Mean Girl (Friturtoons Stories: A Bad Day for Numbuh 4 and Luxray Does It Again)
  2. Schemer Is In The House (Friturtoons Stories: Venonat's Goods and The Broken Bridge)
  3. Kimi VS Savannah (Friturtoons Stories: Corphish The Rock N Roll Pokemon and Mudkip The Really Useful Pokemon)
  4. Mr. Conductor Falls Out (Friturtoons Stories: Ami's In Love and The Problem With Ami)
  5. Phil Meets Lil (Friturtoons Stories: Imaginationland Part One and Imaginationland Part Two)
  6. Emily's Suntan Pantyhose (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi and The Roller Coaster and Middle Pokemon)
  7. Tommy In Trouble (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu and The Jet Engine and Yoshi Runs Away)
  8. Kimi The Super Speedy Girl (Friturtoons Stories: Sonic Goes Too Fast and A Big Surprise For Piplup)
  9. Billy Be Brave (Friturtoons Stories: Roo The Brave and Roo Makes A Friend)
  10. Kimi's Jean Shorts (Friturtoons Stories: Corphish Gets Spooked and Electabuzz's Big Fight)
  11. Kimi The Mime Girl (Friturtoons Stories: Pachirisu's Chase and Sides Shocked)
  12. Kimi Meows Long (Friturtoons Stories: Chimchar and the Flood and Chimchar's Discovery)
  13. Stacy Gets Shoeless (Friturtoons Stories: Mario Comes To Breakfast and Pikachu Gets Bumped)
  14. Tommy Strikes Out (Friturtoons Stories: Piplup and The Signal and Yoshi's Predicament)
  15. Kimi and The Dragonite (Friturtoons Story: Mario, Yoshi and The Dragon)
  16. Ghostly Kimi (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi and The Haunted Mine and Scaredy Pokemon)
  17. Billy Gets Busted (Friturtoons Stories: A Bad Day For Pidgeot and Dexter Gets It Right)
  18. Stacy and Kimi Switch Clothes (Friturtoons Stories: Agumon Takes A Shortcut and Puffy Bots Rides Again)
  19. Kimi's Cropped Jeans and Striped Tights (Friturtoons Stories: Franklin and The Search For Blossom and Haunted Sudowoodo)
  20. Mr. Conductor Gets Sneaky (Friturtoons Story: Gligar, Tauros and The Really Useful Party)

Season 3

  1. Kimi Gets A Plush (Friturtoons Story: Chikorita Works It Out)
  2. Mr. Conductor Works Hard (Friturtoons Story: A Busy Day For Squirtle)
  3. Tommy and The Girl (Friturtoons Story: Excellent Blossom)
  4. Emily Makes A Robot (Friturtoons Story: Luigi and The Robot)
  5. Stacy's New Sandals (Friturtoons Stories: Maria and Gatomon Gets Screeched)
  6. Kimi's Cat (Friturtoons Story: Tigger Saves The Day)
  7. Emily's Birthweek (Friturtoons Story: Pikachu and The Special Letter)
  8. Tommy Meets Chuckie (Friturtoons Stories: Pooh, Tigger and The Fireman and Keeping Up With Chikorita)
  9. Kimi and The Roller Coaster (Friturtoons Story: A Close Shave For Yoshi)
  10. Schemer's Bad Luck (Friturtoons Story: Beldum's Duck)
  11. Savannah Returns (Friturtoons Story: Heroes - Pichu Bros. Edition)
  12. Good Luck Day At Shining Time Station (Friturtoons Story: Totodile Owns Up)
  13. Kimi The Choir Girl (Friturtoons Story: No Singing, Jigglypuff!)
  14. Promises, Promises (Friturtoons Story: Piplup's Promise)
  15. Mr. Conductor The Great (Friturtoons Story: Pikachu Down The Hole)
  16. Kimi's Movie (Friturtoons Story: Luigi Helps Piglet)
  17. The Joke's On Phil (Friturtoons Story: Gligar, Buizel and The Wrong Road)
  18. Kimi's Black Dress (Friturtoons Stories: Sudowoodo's Forest)
  19. Bad Dog (Friturtoons Stories: Squirtle To The Rescue and Mario and Adam)
  20. Tommy's Big Race (Friturtoons Stories: Bulldog - Charizard Edition and You Can't Win - Charizard Edition)
  21. Kimi The Zombie (Friturtoons Story: One Good Turn - Pichu Bros. Edition)
  22. Mime Sleepwalk (Friturtoons Story: Better Late Than Never - Pokemon style)
  23. Kimi The Station Manager (Friturtoons Stories: Tigger Learns A Lesson and Rabbit and The Old Mine)
  24. Phil Says Yes! (Friturtoons Story: Plankton Does It Again)
  25. How The Station Got It's World (Friturtoons Stories: Horrid Koopa and Piglet and The Koopalings)

TV Family Specials Season 1

  1. Schemer-Nation (Friturtoons Stories: Rock N Roll Wobbuffet and Halloween - Mario and Princess Toadstool Edition)
  2. Sister Conductor Comes Over (Friturtoons Stories: Piplup and The Bandstand and Roo Has Some Fun)
  3. Kimi's A Cute Girl (Friturtoons Stories: Rabbit Does It All and Gligar The Great)
  4. Schemer's Night (Friturtoons Stories: Piplup and The Carnival and Pikachu Meets The Queen)

Mr. Conductor's Friturtoons Tales Season 1

  1. Paint The Town Purple (Friturtoons Stories: Arbok Ace Reporter, Don't Tell Pikachu, Eeyore's Gloomy Day, No Joke For Turtwig and Patamon Tries His Best) Song: Come For The Ride)
  2. Patiences (Friturtoons Stories: Put Upon Piplup, Pikachu and The Stinky Cheese, Buneary Knows Best, Turtwig In A Mess and Buizel and The Competition) Song: Night Bus
  3. Time After Time (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu's Evil Twin, The Runaway Honey Pot, Blossom and The Lost Voice, Aipom Goes Crazy and Yoshi Helps Wario) Song: The Friturtoons Anthem
  4. Wildlife (Friturtoons Stories: Turtwig Goes Buzz, Buzz, Squirtle, Yoshi and Meowth, Rabbit In a Mess, Bad Day At The New Castle and Buizel and The Trouble With Mud) Song: That's What Friends Are For
  5. Word In, Words Out (Friturtoons Stories: Squirtle and The Regatta, Buizel and The Gremlin, Rabbit and The Dangerous Switches, Lauren and Rabbit's Bluff) Song: Noises Songs
  6. Wish You Were There (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu, Piplup and The Squeak, Paw Bother, The Early Bird, Bye Luxray and Pikachu and The Special Letter) Song: Yoshi's Seaside Trip

Season 4

  1. Tommy Runs Away (Friturtoons Stories: Piglet's Lucky Day and Veemon Saves The Day)
  2. Mr. Conductor Passes Out (Friturtoons Stories: Old Iron - Gligar and Turtwig Edition and Rabbit Goes Overboard)
  3. The Seven Voyages Of Mr. Cuddles (Friturtoons Stories: Ami, Yumi and The Sawmill and Chimchar's New Cave)
  4. Emily The Giantess (Friturtoons Stories: Piplup and The Signal and Pikachu and The Stinky Cheese)
  5. Phil Gets A Cold (Friturtoons Stories: The Cheeseburglar and Sneezy Days)
  6. Kimi The Crybaby (Friturtoons Stories: Patamon Feels Left Out and Buffer Bother - Pichu Bros. Edition)
  7. Kimi Goes Buzz, Buzz (Friturtoons Stories: Tigger The Weatherman and Sister Trouble)
  8. Kimi The Angel (Friturtoons Stories: Ami's Proud Day and Dexter Helps Out)
  9. Tommy Goes Bad (Friturtoons Stories: Chikorita In Charge and Turtwig and The Trouble With Trees)
  10. Kimi VS. A Bee (Friturtoons Stories: Turtwig Goes Buzz, Buzz and Buzzy Bees)
  11. Schemer Gets Hot (Friturtoons Stories: Sudowoodo and The Wishing Tree and Respect For Buizel)
  12. Gotta Get A Kitty (Friturtoons Stories: Lauren and Owl's Tightrope)
  13. Kimi Plays The Guitar (Friturtoons Stories: No Singing, Jigglypuff! and Yumi Gets Busted)
  14. Emily's Nightmare (Friturtoons Stories: Mario, Yoshi and The Dragon and James's Worst Nightmare)
  15. Kimi's Big Sleepwalk (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi's Ghostly Trick and Haunted Sudowoodo)
  16. Phil Gets A Splinter (Friturtoons Stories: Avalanche! and Snow - Pokemon style)
  17. Kimi's Wild Ride (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi and The Roller Coaster and Rabbit and The Runaway Elephant)
  18. No Pain, No Game (Friturtoons Stories: Maria and Yoshi's Predicament)
  19. As Easy As Kimi (Friturtoons Stories: Luigi and The Boulder and Luigi Saves The Day)
  20. The New Girl (Friturtoons Story: Buizel and The Famous Visitor)

TV Family Specials Season 2

  1. Kimi VS. A Fly (Friturtoons Stories: Plankton and The Fish and Pikachu's Evil Twin)
  2. Schemer Goes Bad Lite (Friturtoons Stories: Cartoon Wars! Part One and Cartoon Wars! Part Two)
  3. Kimi VS. A Hornet (Friturtoons Stories: Scyther's Big Day and Numbuh 2 Saves The Day)
  4. Schemer Takes The Deal (Friturtoons Stories: Imaginationland Part One and Imaginationland Part Two)

Mr. Conductor's Friturtoons Tales Season 2

  1. Making Signs (Friturtoons Stories: Pop Goes The Weasel, Chikorita In Charge, Gligar's Exploit, Bulls Eyes - Owl and Maria Edition and Better Late Than Never - Pokemon style) Song: Turtwig The Really Splendid Pokemon
  2. For The Pigeons (Friturtoons Stories: Mario To The Rescue, Venonat's Goods, Sudowoodo and The Donphan, Spic and Span - Pokemon stytle and Something In The Air - Pokemon style) Song: Ode To Buizel
  3. Missing Hats (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu and The Runaway Kite, Mario and The Tuba, Buizel and The Famous Visitor, Snorlax Finds Time and Horrid Koopa) Song: Sandy
  4. Sleep Trouble (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi Gets A Fright, Piglet's Bad Dream, Scaredy Pokemon, James' Worst Nightmare and Halloween - Mario and Princess Toadstool Edition) Song: It's Great To Be A Friturtoon
  5. Finding Things (Friturtoons Stories: Lucario Helps Out, Piplup's Promise, Tricky Tropius, Mario Comes To Breakfast and Haunted Sudowoodo) Song: Beldum's Duck
  6. Wish For The Letter (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi and The Special Picnic, No Joke For Turtwig, One Good Turn - Pichu Bros. Edition, Sheen The Artist and Pikachu Gets Bumped) Song: Troublesome Unown

Season 5

  1. A Goat's Tale (Friturtoons Stories: The Runaway Pikachu and A Close Shave For Yoshi)
  2. Kimi's In Love (Friturtoons Stories: Sudowoodo and The Flagpole and A Proud Day For Turtwig)
  3. Billy Saves Schemer (Friturtoons Stories: Bubbles The Crybaby and Blossom's Carnival Special)
  4. Kimi VS. A Horse Fly (Friturtoons Stories: Franklin's Date and Buttercup The Strongest)
  5. Emily and The Sandals (Friturtoons Stories: Maria and Lauren)
  6. Kimi The Loser (Friturtoons Stories: Blossom VS. Buttercup and Electabuzz's Big Fight)
  7. Phil Falls In Love (Friturtoons Stories: Chikorita's Scary Tale and Blossom and The Lost Voice)
  8. Sister Trouble (Friturtoons Stories: One Good Turn - Pichu Bros. Edition and Heroes - Pichu Bros. Edition)
  9. Kimi's Striped Socks (Friturtoons Stories: Yumi To The Rescue and Wallace Owns Up)
  10. Kimi's Bad Fall (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu Down The Hole and Piplup Takes The Plunge)
  11. Tommy The Great (Friturtoons Stories: Buizel and The Gremlin and The Trouble With James)
  12. Buzzy Kimi (Friturtoons Story: Sonic Goes Too Fast)
  13. Emily and Kimi Switch Clothes (Friturtoons Stories: Numbuh 5 and The Ghost and Agumon Takes A Shortcut)
  14. Mr. Conductor The Hunter (Friturtoons Stories: Chikorita and The Stoplight and Mudkip The Really Useful Pokemon)
  15. Kimi and The Rumours (Friturtoons Stories: The Problem With Ami and Psyduck and The Clown)
  16. Kimi VS. The Bull Terrier (Friturtoons Stories: Runaway James and Squirtle To The Rescue)
  17. Chelsea Comes Over (Friturtoons Stories: Rabbit and The Old Mine and Turtwig and The Queen of Sinnoh)
  18. Pea Green Tights For Emily (Friturtoons Stories: Owl's Tightrope and Mario Comes To Breakfast)
  19. Giantess Kimi (Friturtoons Stories: Chatot's Hobby and A Scarf For Piplup)
  20. Scaredy Cat Marina (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi Gets A Fright and Piglet's Bad Dream)
  21. Cheerleader Kimi (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu's Christmas Party and Pikachu and The Missing Christmas Tree)

TV Family Specials Season 3

  1. Italian Schemer (Friturtoons Stories: Luigi and The Boulder and Tigger and The Hot Air Balloon)
  2. Kimi The Mariachi Singer (Friturtoons Stories: Squirtle and The Regatta and Pikachu Gets Bumped)
  3. Schemer and The Itch (Friturtoons Stories: Piplup's Chocolate Crunch and Dream On - Pokemon style)
  4. Kimi and Emily's Journey (Friturtoons Stories: Mario and Yoshi - Best Friends and Pikachu and Piplup's Mountain Adventure)

Mr. Conductor's Friturtoons Tales Season 3

  1. Caps For Sale (Friturtoons Stories: Dexter Gets It Right, Pooh Helps His Friend, Yoshi and The Roller Coaster, Thomas and Sir Handel Help Plankton and Piplup's Promise) Song: Troublesome Unown
  2. Fast and Slow (Friturtoons Stories: Trusty Luigi, Chimchar and The Workshop, Buizel and The Competition, Pikachu and The Special Letter, and Mario, Yoshi and The Dragon) Song: Ludicolo
  3. Trading Spaces (Friturtoons Stories: Thomas, Yoshi and Duncan, Dino Language, Yoshi The School President, Yoshi's Predicament and Yoshi Gets Tricked) Song: A Really Useful Pokemon
  4. Night Work (Friturtoons Stories: Turtwig In A Mess, The Runaway Honey Pot, Luigi Helps Piglet, Squirtle and The Extension and Gatomon Gets Screeched) Song: Rules and Regulations
  5. Week After Week (Friturtoons Stories: Excellent Blossom, Luigi and The Robot, Aipom Goes Crazy, Buneary Knows Best and Woolly Bear Yoshi) Song: Never, Never, Never Give Up
  6. The Big Day (Friturtoons Stories: Turtwig Goes Buzz, Buzz, Pikachu and The Rumours, Buizel Takes Charge, A Big Surprise For Piplup and Gligar, Tauros and The Really Useful Party) Song: Winter Wonderland

Season 6

  1. Tommy Goes Red (Friturtoons Stories: Breast Cancer Show Ever and The Cheeseburglar)
  2. Mr. Conductor Becomes Mrs. Conductor (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu Gets Bumped and Trust Pikachu)
  3. Kimi's Talent Show (Friturtoons Stories: Trusty Luigi and Patrick and The Barber Shop)
  4. Chelsea Goes Too Fast (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu and The Jet Engine and Sonic Goes Too Fast)
  5. Bouncy Emily (Friturtoons Stories: Dunkin' Rabbit and Pikachu's Tricky Tree)
  6. Honor Thy Schemer (Friturtoons Stories: Tigger, Rabbit and The Old Mansion and Mudkip The Really Useful Pokemon)
  7. Kimi and Chelsea Switch Clothes (Friturtoons Stories: Luigi's Strength and Yoshi's Stolen Picture)
  8. Emily Goes Shoeless (Friturtoons Stories: Hooray For Pikachu and Gligar's Brass Band)
  9. Stacy's New Sandals (Friturtoons Stories: Yoshi and Munchlax and Eeyore's Gloomy Day)
  10. Kimi and Emily Swap Sandals (Friturtoons Stories: Pooh, Tigger and The Fireman and What's The Matter With Sudowoodo)
  11. Kimi and Emily's Slumber Party (Friturtoons Story: A Better View For Buizel)
  12. Kimi and The Tickle Me Doll (Friturtoons Story: Someone's In The Kitchen With Buneary)
  13. Phil Has The Beat (Friturtoons Story: Piplup Has The Hiccups)
  14. Kimi's Great Day (Friturtoons Stories: Pikachu Saves The Day and Veemon Saves The Day)
  15. Emily Gets Matt Tan Tights (Friturtoons Stories: A Bad Day For Numbuh 4 and A Bad Day For Treecko)
  16. Kimi's Suntan Nylons (Friturtoons Stories: Better Late Than Never - Pokemon style and Mudkip Gets Hot)
  17. Kimi and Emily - Cow Belles (Friturtoons Stories: A Miltank on The Line and Bulls Eyes - Owl and Maria Edition)
  18. Tommy VS. Phil (Friturtoons Stories: Meowth's Lazy Day and Pidgeot and The Flying Horse)
  19. Chelsea In Love (Friturtoons Stories: Piglet and The Koopalings and Horrid Koopa)
  20. Dre Makes A Visit (Friturtoons Stories: Franklin and The Search For Blossom and Rabbit Does It All)
  21. Dre Joins The Crew (Friturtoons Stories: Piplup and The Signal and Pikachu, Piplup and The Mail Train)

Season 7

  1. The Robbery (Friturtoons Stories: Miss Naughty Knows Best, Little Miss Scary Throws a Tantrum)
  2. Werewolf in the Station (Friturtoons Stories: Munitions (Friturtoons Version), The Friturtoons Telly-Thon for Sya Nose Day of Something-Domething-Womething)
  3. Save the Station! (Friturtoons Stories: James' Secret, Molly Rides Again)
  4. Special 4449 (Friturtoons Stories: 3666 and his Slovakian-Named Train, The Runaway, and The Cheeseburglar)

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