The Adventures of Ted and Todd is a 2010 computer-animated 3-D feature film from Warner Bros. Pictures,Virtual Studios and Shangri-La Entertainment. The film stars Alec Baldwin and John Travolta.

The trailer of the film was released online on June 30, 2009, then on Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on July 1 ,2009.


The plot revolves around Heroes (Alec Baldwin & John Travolta) plotting to steal the future while he hides underground in a land of toos. In a teaser trailer, the Auditions is shown everyone in the part of Heroes` plan There plot is jeopardized by The 3 Friends (Jamie Kennedy,Matt Lauer and Jerry Lewis) who see them as a prospective heroes


The first trailer of the film was released with Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The trailer begins with Auditions featured with Molly (Mara Wilson), Zebedee (Tim Curry), Todd`s Dad (Robert De Niro), John (Jamie Kennedy, The DJ`s and John painting in green then he saw Ted up above and he stomp him and again  

The first Tv Spot is planned to be the first Tv Spot of the Adventures of Ted and Todd Movie as confirmed by Tony Bancroft in right directions Tony Bancroft plans to move on to starting his cartoonish carrer. The first Tv Spot will be begin with its two trailers in Febuary 2010. With Super Bowl XLIV on The 7th of Febuary. the movie of the Adventures of Ted and Todd will finish it up in October 2010 or November 2010.  


  • Alec Baldwin as Ted
  • John Travolta as Todd
  • Jamie Kennedy as John
  • Matt Lauer as Mike
  • Tim Curry as Zebedee
  • Jerry Lewis as James
  • Bruce Willis as Bee
  • Mara Wilson as Molly


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