Character: Henry the Green Engine


Henry was built around 1920 from plans stolen from Sir Nigel Gresley and was something like a cross between a GNR/LNER Class A1 and a GNR C1 Atlantic. He was sold to the North Western Railway in 1948, and had trucks of Welsh coal to make him steam properly.

Henry was wrecked in an accident, and was rebuilt as an LMS Stanier Black 5 in the same year. In 2005, he was involved in the Sodor Crisis. He defeated Diesel, Arry and Bert with Gordon, Donald and Douglas at the garbage yards. In 2006, he had a mishap with dynamite, and a second one closed down the dynamite factory.


Henry is generally well-behaved, and is at heart a hard worker, but his frequent bouts of illness hinder his work.

Henry and Diesel get into arguments, but there are moments when the two have gotten along.

Henry cares for the other steam engines and good diesels and will do anything to help out.


Henry is based on a LMS Stanier Black Five 4-6-0. He was originally a LNER Class Stanier B10 4-6-0.


Henry is painted NWR green with red stripes, the number three painted in yellow with red border on both sides of his cab, and the initials NWR painted in yellow with red border on both sides of his tender. He was originally painted in apple green with red lining, and the initials LNWR on his tender, then NWR blue.

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