Character: Thomas the Tank Engine


Thomas was built in 1913 and arrived on Sodor in 1923 along with a tender engine named Edward. They worked with a magical tank engine called Lady (who arrived in 1910) and Stanley (who was built and arrived in 1932). They worked well until 1948, when the North Western Railway was sold to Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt purchased ten new engines (Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, and Emily), and kept Thomas and Edward. Stanley and Lady were withdrawn from service; Lady was put in a shed, and Stanley in a siding. In the early 1960's, four diesels seperately were brought to help, to the steam engines' dismay. Of course, three of them turned out to be friendly, but the first was mean and nasty. In 2002, Stanley was restored to service. Three years later, in 2005, trouble brewed on Sodor. Diesel 10 and Alfred were new engines, and plotted to destroy Lady. Lady was back in service again, and Thomas stopped Diesel 10 by pushing him over a cliff. Alfred did the same to Thomas, but he fell too. After the mishap, Thomas was brought to Crovan's Gate along with Alfred, and Thomas was fully restored in September 2005. Then in 2011, Diesel 11 secretly came to Sodor to help Diesel 10, his brother, to destroy Lord. Lord was restored, Diesel 12 and Diesel 10 went into hiding and Diesel 11 and Thomas were destroyed in an accident on Misty Island. Thomas was salvaged and repaired; Diesel 11 salvaged without repaired. 2013 was the greatest time for evil. Diesel 100, the bigger, badder, brother of Diesel 12 returned with nearly 10 diesels, most of which who were Class 08. They met their fates in the sea, in the dump, by falling of a cliff, getting trapped by the SWR engines, and on Misty Island (again).


Thomas is happy and cheerful, but is sometimes cheeky and ahead of himself. He's also good at heart, but loves teasing the others and on occasion brags about his superiority, but is always brought down to earth in due course. If Thomas has one major character flaw, it's that he's forgetful, and slightly impatient. However, he's also optimistic and idealistic. Although their friendship has been turbulent at times, Percy is generally portrayed as Thomas' best friend.


Thomas is based on a LB&SCR Class Billinton E2x 0-6-0T.


Thomas is painted NWR blue with red lining, and the initials NWR and the number 1 painted in yellow with red border on his side tanks. He was originally LBSCR brown with yellow lining, the initials LBSC on his side tanks and the number 105 on his cab.

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