Narrator: The depressing news about Stanley spread across Sodor, all of the railroad engines were shocked about Stanley’s accidental death, especially Thomas, Percy, Toby and Rosie.

Toby: “Oh dear, how could this have happened?”

Percy: “I don't know, Toby, he was our good friend.”

Thomas: “Who would’ve thought that the last time we saw him was yesterday would actually be the last time?”

Narrator: Rosie began crying and weeping silently.

Gordon: “I wanna know who was responsible for this accident.”

Edward: “Nobody knows about it, Gordon."

James: “It must be the work of somebody."

Edward: “We don’t know, James."

Narrator: Mr. Percival and everybody arrived.

Mr. Percival: “I’m terribly sorry about what happened to Stanley."

Fat Controller: "He was a clever engine.”

Molly: “He’ll never be forgotten."

Oliver: “I should’ve helped him."

Rosie: “It’s your entire fault, it should’ve been you!”

Percy: “Rosie, no, he’s not worth it.”

Narrator: Rosie cried and wept silently again.

Emily: “Good grief, Rosie’s really taking this hard.”

Neville: “I know, Emily, but you've gotta think Thomas, Percy, Toby, Rosie and Stanley were like the 5 amigos, and losing Stanley has left 1 rift in their close friendship.”

Mr. Percival: “Stanley was shunted into an old engine shed so he could be left in heavenly peace.”

Rosie: “Can I go and see him, kind sir, please.”

Mr. Percival: “Of course, Rosie."

Narrator: Rosie trundled outta the Roundhouse.

Neville: “I would go with her.”

Thomas, Percy and Toby agreed and trundled after Rosie.

Narrator: The 4 little engines arrived at the old engine shed and they looked at Stanley, his face was burned up and his eyes were closed, Rosie looked away in fear and concern.

Rosie: “I can’t bear to look at him like that.”

Toby: “He’s real bad, we'll need to stick together as always to get through this, Rosie."

Rosie: “You’re right, Toby, if you pass away, I’ll pass away with you.”

Thomas: “Percy and I will do the exact same thing.”

Narrator: Just then, Henry arrived.

Henry: “Come on, you 4, let's leave Stanley in heavenly peace.”

Percy: “He was our close friend.”

Henry: “Just remember, Stanley will be watching over you guys.”

Thomas: “You’re absolutely right, Henry.”

Thomas, Percy, Toby and Rosie trundled slowly away and Henry looked at Stanley and smiled at him.

Henry: “Goodbye, good friend.”

Narrator: Henry trundled away.

Narrator: Stanley’s firebox exploded and nobody knew how it happened, and when Stanley’s firebox exploded, it took Stanley’s entire life away instantly and right now the entire railroad population is left without a good railroad engine.

End of Story............

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