The Afternoon Tea Bunny is an Ash & Friends spoof to The Afternoon Tea Express.


  1. Terry McGinnis as Gordon (Will Friedle)
  2. Pietro Maximoff as Spencer (Richard Ian Cox)
  3. Ace Bunny as Stephen (Charlie Schlatter)
  4. Steven Ketchum as Sir Topham Hatt (Dan Green)
  5. Wilhelmina Ketchum as Lady Hatt (Amy Birnbaum)
  6. Robert Hawkins as Sir Robert Norramby The Earl (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  7. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Veronica Taylor)
  8. Raimundo Pedrosa as James (Tom Kenny)
  9. Sakura Avalon as Emily (Carly McKillip)
  10. Carlos Blake as The Duke of Boxford (Steven Blum)
  11. Stella Blake as The Duchess of Boxford (Susan Roman)
  12. Sarah Wilkins as Millie (Kelly Sheridan)
  13. Suzy as Annie (Megan Hollingshead)
  14. Pietra as Clarabel (Carol Jacobanis)
  15. King Bowser Koopa as Cranky (Harvey Atkin)


  • Mark Moraghan: Ace is one of the heroic bunnies on the land of YTV. He collects things for Robert Hawkins in the Cartoon University, and he shows the visitors around the hallways. But Ace is very slow.
  • Pietro: Move along, slowcoach!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: One morning, after Pietro drop Carlos and Stella off for a visit to the castle, he saw Robert talking to Ace.
  • Robert: Ace, I have a special job for you. Once a week, I need you to collect schools from the bakery and cream from the dairy. They are for our afternoon teas at the castle tea rooms.
  • Ace: Oh yes, sir. I'll be the afternoon tea express.
  • Robert: The visitors will wait a long time for their afternoon tea if Ace is doing the job.
  • Ace: I'll have you know they use to call me the rocket. Because, I was so speedy.
  • Pietro: Ha! Compared to a horse and cart maybe.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: This made Ace very cross.
  • Ace: I'll show Pietro I'll be the fastest afternoon tea express there ever was.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: So Ace collected schools from the bakery and cream from the dairy. As he puffed back to the castle, Ace thought he was going very fast.
  • Ace: Make way! Afternoon tea express coming through!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: But Terry didn't think Ace was going very fast at all.
  • Terry: Hurry up, slowcoach. The real express is trying to get past.
  • Ace: But I'm going as fast as I can.
  • Terry: Well I can't wait all day for you.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: So Terry puffed quieter behind Ace and gave him a push.
  • Ace: Terry, what are you doing? Whoa! Careful! I have to take you now.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Terry pushed Ace faster he had ever been before. And when they got to the castle junction, Terry slowed down so Ace could change tracks.
  • Terry: Now that's how an express goes.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Ace was cross. When Ace got to the castle, Pietro was very surprised to see him.
  • Robert: My my, Ace, that was quick. You really are the afternoon tea express.
  • Ace: You see, Pietro? I can be speedy. I'm still the rocket!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Each week after that when Ace collected the stones and the cream, he got one of the engines to push him. One day, he was pushed by Ash. The next day, he was pushed by Raimundo. And another day, he was pushed by Sakura.
  • Ace: Wow! Whoa-hey!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Ace always got the cream and stones to the castle on time. Everybody called him the rocket again. One day, Robert had a very special job for him.
  • Robert: Steven and Wilhelmina are coming for the afternoon tea at the castle today. But we are out of jam, so I need you to collect some more jam from the docks for me.
  • Ace: Yes, sir. I'll be back in no time.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Ace puffed as fast as he could. And he collected his truck from the docks. It was filled with lots of barrels of jam. There were strawberry, raspberry and even precaution. But when Ace puffed back towards the castle, he couldn't find anyone to push him.
  • Ace: Oh, no. This is where I normally see Terry. And this I where I normally find Ash. What am I going to do?
  • Mr. Conductor 4: The castle was still a long way away. And it will take Ace a very long time to get there.
  • Ace: Oh, no! It'll be dark by the time I get the jam to the castle.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: But then, Ace found Pietro.
  • Pietro: What are you doing here? I thought you were the rocket. Steven and Wilhelmina are waiting at the castle for their afternoon tea.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Ace had an idea.
  • Ace: And maybe you can push into the castle, Pietro.
  • Pietro: Oh, I am far too busy to push at all bucket of bolts like you around.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Ace was very old and very wise. That's why he knew exactly what to say to Pietro.
  • Ace: Oh, don't worry, Pietro. I don't think you could push me fast enough anyway.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: This made Pietro very cross.
  • Pietro: I'll show you what's fastest.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: So Pietro buffered up behind Ace.
  • Pietro: Now you really will be the afternoon tea express.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Pietro pushed Ace faster than Sakura. He pushed him faster than Ash. Pietro even pushed Ace faster than Terry had.
  • Ace: Faster! Faster!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Pietro pushed Ace right up to the castle junction.
  • Ace: Thank you, Pietro!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: But as Pietro released him, Ace realized he had a problem.
  • Ace: Oh, no! I'm going to fast!
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Ace's driver and fireman try to put on his brakes, but it was too late. He bumped into the buffers at the end of the track. The barrels of strawberry, raspberry and even precaution jam flew into the air smashed to the ground.
  • Steven: Ew!
  • Wilhelmina: Ew!
  • Robert: Ew!
  • Ace: Uh-oh.
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Luckily, no one was hurt, but Steven was very cross. So was Robert.
  • Robert: Ace, what is going on?
  • Ace: I'm so sorry. I got Pietro to push me so I could go fast.
  • Robert: Ace, I chose you because you are reliable, not because you are fast.
  • Ace: Sorry, sir. Maybe I don't need to try being speedy anymore.
  • Robert: No Ace, you don't. But what am I going to do about the afternoon teas?
  • Ace: I know, sir. I have to go back and get some more jam, so why doesn't everyone hop on board and they can have an afternoon tea and the tour at the same time?
  • Mr. Conductor 4: Everyone thought that was a grand idea. So Ace gave the guests are very slow and gentle rides to the docks. He collected the jam, and the passengers all enjoyed the afternoon tea tour.
  • Ace: Pew! Slow train coming through! It's the afternoon tea express!

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