The Amazing Three is an American/Japanese animated televison series developed by Sam Register based on the 1960s manga and anime series of the same name created by Osama Tezuka. This cartoon series is a direct reboot to the original series but features brand new voices and designs for the characters.

The cartoon premiered in Cartoon Network on July 21, 2012 appearing before Cartoon Planet starts.


Three extraterrestrials from a distant planet are discussing on whenever to blow up the Earth or keep it intact belieivng the humans are a threat in which they have a bomb intact when ever they make their decision to bomb up the Earth so they decided to morph into earth animals to fit in with the society to learn and spy on the customs of Earth to figure out the decision. But what's worse is that a bunch of gang leaders are after the animals. But luckly, a boy who has found out their plan is here to help them.


  • Janice Kawaye as the voice of Bokko/Captain Bonnie: The leader of the three aliens who wishes for peace on the Earth. She is the only female member of the gang. She transforms into a lop eared rabbit when being incognito on Earth. Her superpower is using her ears to telepathically contact or talk to someone and the power of hypnosis.
  • Corey Burton as the voice of Nokko/Corporate Ronald: Nicknamed Ronnie by his peers, he is the second leader of the group who does inventions and make wild contraptions. He transforms into a mustang (referred to as a pony) when being incognito on Earth. He seems to enjoy Earth only for the food. His superpower is lightning speed, possibly because he is a horse.
  • Tom Kenny as the voice of Pukko/Liutenant Zero: Sometimes nicknamed Z by his peers, he is the third in command of the group who would rather bomb of the Earth to end the investigation instead of spying on the Earth. He transforms into a mallerd (a duck as reffered to) when being incognito on Earth. He only likes Earth for it's music. Zero can be selfish and stubborn but cares for his friends. He has a passion for music, even sporting a guitar. He even has a Beatles mop-top haircut, as Tezuka is a Beatles fan. His superpowers is producing electrical shockwaves through his wings.
  • Leo Howard as the voice of Shinichi Hoshi/Kenny Carter: A 14-year old boy who found out the secret of The Amazing Three. He is the only person who knows who they are and that he can talk. Kenny loves reading and playing sports and has learned martial arts by his brother. In the Japanese version, he is named after Tezuka's longtime friend and scince-fiction writer, Shinichi Hoshi.
  • Mo Willems as the voice of Koichi Hoshi/Randy Carter: A 22-year old secret agent who works for an organization called Phoenix. His cover is a comic book artist known for making "Everyday Man". His codename is Agent P77 and he uses some gadgets to attack, especially his super-weapon inventory watch, but mostly prefers martial arts.
  • John Kricfaulsi as the voice of Doctor Packidermus J. Elefun: A doctor and the professor of the Phoenix corporation, also Randy's boss. He is an inventor of many gadgets and many technology. His name and his nose are based on the elephant. His character is based on Tezuka's other creation from his other works, Astro Boy.
  • Steven Blum as the voice of Interspy: The main antagonist of the series. An evil spy hunter who is determined to destroy the Phoenix corporation, along with the aliens and rule the world. He has a prosthetic arm after a battle with Randy. His new robotic arm can transform into many types of weaponry such as knives.
  • Dave Mallow as the voice of King Eggyus Yokalyipp XIII: The leader and king of Planet Kopaka, the planet which Bonnie, Ronnie and Zero inhabit on. He is an egg shaped alien who sent them to Earth for investigation. He transforms into an overweight man when being incognito on Earth if the aliens are in a jam.
  • Brian Donovan as the voice of Black/White Knight: The only agent of Phoenix who has been mutated; he is now part zebra and does investigations on the earth and animal planes. White Knights real name is never revealed.
  • Frank Welker as the voice of Coco/Pauley Cracker: A green parrot who is the eyes of Phoenix and is one of the only animal characters that have met the Amazing 3 and has communicated with them in both human and animal language. His character is based on Tezuka's other creation from his other works, Kimba the White Lion.
  • Drake Bell as Lance Tyboring: A classmate of Kenny Carter who is suspicious about his interaction with the Amazing 3.


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