Welcome to my Wiki page, which is in direct relation to the BECA 670 page. I think this page supposed to be something about campus but by looking at other pages, I'm not so sure. I wanted to talk about my bloglinkbut to fulfill the assignment I am going to talk about my favorite places on campus instead.


I am a man of simple pleasures, none more important than lunch time. I don't like breakfast. Which isn't to say that I don't like the food served during said meal, but I like to sleep in and tend to miss it. Dinner is awesome, but it usually is either too expensive or made by yours truly, neither of which are ideal. This is why lunch is my favorite meal of the day. I make a pretty mean salami sandwich but if I don't care to, then most sandwich, hot dog, burger places etc. are pretty cheap. So accordingly, one of my favorite places on campus is the deli below the Cesar Chavez center. It is delicious. And I have no idea what is called. I can get one of the better salami sandwiches that I have had and for the very reasonable price of $4.50. If you are not into the tastiness of salami because it isn't healthy for you, then you can go to Subway which is also on campus. This is a Josh's classmate Josie, here to make an edit: I just found out today, because today is my favorite day at subway (Italian BMT Day) that you can make online orders days in advance and there are also online discounts! Pretty cool if you're in a rush! Also Subway is one of the only places on campus open late! I'm not down for always eating corporate style, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Good tip Josh, back to you. Not as tasty, but awesome none the less.Or if thats not enough for you, your mama could always make you sloppy joes.


On another food note, I should tell you about the new hot dog place. Do you all remember last year when they were doing construction behind the bookstore and our shortcut to the Humanities building was eliminated. I do too, and it sucked. But unknown to me, they were building a very consumer friendly hot dog stand. If they would have told us sooner, I would have changed my stance on the construction, which added an average of 90 seconds to my day because I had to walk around it. The hot dog stand, however, as the "level 2 headline" suggests is awesome. You can get a fat hot dog for $2. Need I say more? Fine I will. If you want an upgrade on your dog, no problem. Polish dogs (the big ones mind you) are only $3. You can take all this talk about sausage any way you please, but I highly suggest trying this place out. Cheap, delicious, quick, effective.

Selfless Plug

Another cool place on campus is the KSFS radio station. It's not that cool to visit so much, but it is cool to listen to my show every thursday from 11am to noon. My roommate and I talk about baseball and it is pretty awesome. If you don't like baseball then I feel sorry for you and you probably won't like my show, for which I further feel sorry for you. Never fear though, the KSFS radio station has tons of programming. In all seriousness, it is really awesome how everyone gets a place to say what they want to say and anyone can listen anywhere in the world provided you have the internet. It streams online; if you haven't checked it out already, you should do so.

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