• Gumball (Thomas Rymore)
  • Darwin (Kenny Spawner)
  • Nicole (Merry Strewet)
  • Penny (Ally Williams)
  • Tobbas (John Wilson)
  • Richeal (Sammy Ropice)
  • Ms Gorilla (Lawner S Myers)
  • Mr Brown (Jim Cummings)
  • Mr Smail (Larry McDonald)
  • Mr Robinson (Jerry Uyerate)
  • Ms Robinson (Kirra Perry)
  • Terra (Rob Robert)


Cartoon Network Deportment Studio Espore

Boulder Media

Nelvana Limited

Teletoon Original Production

Channels Programing

United States: Cartoon Network

Canada: Teletoon, Verk TV

French: Canal J, Teletoon Plus

Poland: Teletoon Plus

UK And Ireland: Citv, Nicktoons

Germany: Toggo, Nickelodeon

Malaysia: Octo TV

Austraila: Eleven Network, Fox Kids,

New Zealand: TVNZ

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