• Gumball as Finn The Human
  • Darwin as Jake The Dog(because both of them are best friends with Gumball and Finn)
  • Penny as Princess Bubblegum(because both Gumball and Finn are in love with Bubblegum and Penny)
  • Tina Rex as Ice King
  • Oscar(Fish Hooks)as Peppermint Butler
  • Carrie as Marceline
  • Lesslie as Lumpy Space Princess
  • Bea(Fish Hooks)as Fionna The Human
  • Shellsea(Fish Hooks)as Cake The Cat(Because both of them are best friends with Bea and Fionna)
  • Steve Jackson(Fish Hooks)as Prince Gumball(Because Bea and Fionna are in love with Prince Gumball and Steve Jackson)
  • Nicole Watterson as Ice Queen(Because both of them are sometimes dramatic)
  • Mordecai(Regular Show)as Marshall Lee
  • Gunther(Kick Buttowski)as Lumpy Space Prince(don't know his name)

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