Version One

  • Gumball as Felonious Gru
  • The Robber as Vector
  • Principal Brown as Dr. Nefario
  • Penny as Margo
  • Carrie as Edith
  • Anais as Agnes
  • Nicole as Marlena (both are mothers to Gumball and Felonious Gru)
  • Tina as Mr. Perkins
  • Flame Princess (from Adventure Time) as Mrs. Hattle
  • Pops (from Regular Show) as Fred McDade
  • Carmen as Tourist Mom
  • Alan as Tourist Dad

Version Two

  • Gumball as Felonious Gru
  • Penny as Lucy Wilde
  • The Robber as Eduardo Perez
  • Darwin as Dr. Nefario (both are best friends to Gumball and Felonious Gru)
  • Anais as Margo
  • Carrie as Edith
  • Molly as Agnes
  • Nicole as Jillian

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