Version One (Don't edit)

  • Richard as Garfield (both are obese animals)
  • Purple Moose as Jon
  • Jamie as Odie (both end names with E)
  • Anais as Nermal
  • Gumball as Orson
  • Mr. Robinson as Wade
  • Darwin as Bo
  • Penny as Lanilon
  • Rocky as Roy (both starts with R)
  • Marvin as Booker
  • Banana Joe as Sheldon

Version Two (Don't edit)

  • Rocky as Garfield (Rocky & Garfield are both orange)
  • Principal Brown as Jon
  • Tobias as Odie
  • Darwin as Nermal (both get in trouble and hurt alot)
  • Purple Moose as Orson (both have O in the middle)
  • Richard as Wade
  • Jamie as Bo
  • Penny's Sister as Lanilon
  • Mr. Small as Roy
  • Gumball as Booker
  • Alan as Sheldon

Version Three

  • Gumball as Garfield (both starts with G)
  • Darwin as Odie
  • Purple Moose as Jon
  • Rocky as Nermal
  • Penny as Arlene
  • Carmen as Liz Wilson

Version Four

  • Richard as Garfield
  • Leslie as Odie
  • Purple Moose as Jon
  • Penny as Liz Wilson
  • Tina Rex as Happy Chapman
  • Tobias as Wendall (both have A in the middle)
  • Gumball as Christopher Mello
  • Teri as Mrs. Baker
  • Banana Joe as Persnikitty (both are ironic)
  • Rocky as Louis (both have O in the middle)
  • Darwin as Nermal
  • Anais as Spanky
  • Nicole as Arlene (both are female cats)
  • Donut Sheriff as Louis' Dad
  • Josephine as Louis' Mom

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