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Version 1

  • Gumball as Mario
  • Darwin as Yoshi
  • Penny as Peach
  • Tobias as Toad (their both small)
  • Anais as Birdo
  • The Robber as Wario
  • Ocho as Waluigi
  • Richard as Bowser
  • Banana Joe as Oogtar

Version 2 (Do not edit or delete!)

  • Gumball as Mario
  • Darwin as Luigi (Both are sidekick brothers and besides, Yoshi is actually Birdo's Boyfriend)
  • Penny as Peach
  • Tobias as Bowser Jr.
  • Rachael as Daisy
  • Banana Joe as Koopa Troopa
  • Anais as Toadette (This character suits Anais, and besides, she is technically Darwin's sister)
  • And more...

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