• Sonic - Gumball/Darwin/Banana Joe/Richard/Tobias/Bobert/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Alan/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/Penny/Carrie/Anais/Molly/Masami/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/The Eggheads/Himself/Thomas (from Thomas)/Diesel (from Thomas)/Buster Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Orson (from Garfield)/Spongebob Squarepants (from Spongebob)/Chowder (from Chowder)/Mordecai (from Regular Show)/Mario (from Mario)/Pikachu (from Pokemon)/Kirby (from Kirby)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Silver (from Sonic)/Mighty (from Sonic)/Metal Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Tails - Darwin/Gumball/Bobert/Banana Joe/Tobias/Richard/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Alan/Mr. Small/Anais/Carrie/Penny/Masami/Molly/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/The Eggheads/Himself/Percy (from Thomas)/Thomas (from thomas)/Hamton J. Pig (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Bo (from Garfield)/Booker (from Garfield)/Patrick (from Spongeob)/Gorgonzola (from Chowder)/Rigby (from Regular Show)/Yoshi (from Mario)/Piplup (from Pokemon)/Turtwig (from Pokemon)/Tuff (from Kirby)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Charmy (from Sonic)/Ray (from Sonic)/Coconuts (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)/Cosmo (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)
  • Knuckles - Richard/Tobias/Gumball/Darwin/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/Bobert/Banana Joe/The Robber/Alan/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/Carrie/Molly/Penny/Masami/Anais/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/Himself/Gordon (from Thomas)/BoCo (from Thomas)/Plucky Duck (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Dizzy Devil (from Tiny Toon Advetnures)/Garfield (from Garfield)/Mr. Krabs (from Spongebob)/The Lead Farfel (from Chowder)/Skips (from Regular Show)/Donkey Kong (from Mario)/Luigi (from Mario)/Buizel (from Pokemon)/Knuckle Joe (from Kirby)/Rotor (from Sonic)/Vector (from Sonic)/Mighty (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Rouge (from Sonic)
  • Sally - Penny/Anais/Nicole/Masami/Molly/Carrie/Carmen/Teri/Ms. Simian/Gumball/Tobias/Banana Joe/Bobert/Richard/Alan/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/The Eggheads/Herself/Emily (from Thomas)/Fifi La Fume (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Sweetie Pie (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Babs Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Shirley the Loon (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Penilupe (from Garfield)/Lanolin (from Garfield)/Sandy (from Spongebob)/Pearl (from Spongebob)/Panini (from Chowder)/Margaret (from Regular Show)/Dixie Kong (from Mario)/Peach (from Mario)/Buneary (from Pokemon)/Chikorita (from Pokemon)/Princess Rona (from Kirby)/Tiff (from Kirby)/Amy (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Rotor (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)
  • Bunnie - Molly/Penny/Anais/Nicole/Masami/Carrie/Ms. Simian/Darwin/Tobias/Banana Joe/Bobert/Richard/Alan/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/The Eggheads/Herself/Molly (from Thomas)/Shirley the Loon (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Mrs. Chicken (from Garfield)/Spongebob's Mom (from Spongebob)/Ms. Endive (from Chowder)/Tiny Kong (from Mario)/Daisy (from Mario)/Eevee (from Pokemon)/Vileplume (from Pokemon)/Cream (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Antoine (from Sonic)/Rotor (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)
  • Antoine - Banana Joe/Gumball/Darwin/Richard/Tobias/Bobert/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Alan/Clayton/Leslie/Penny/Carrie/Nicole/Molly/Teri/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Himself/James (from Thomas)/Plucky Duck (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Roy (from Garfield)/Squidward (from Spongebob)/Tom (from Spongebob)/Mung Daal (from Chowder)/Benson (from Regular Show)/Oogtar (from Mario)/Luigi (from Mario)/Turtwig (from Pokemon)/Totodile (from Pokemon)/Tokkori (from Kirby)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Silver (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Coconuts (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Sonia (from Sonic)
  • Rotor - Carmen/Gumball/Darwin/Richard/Bobert/Banana Joe/Tobias/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Alan/Anais/Penny/Carrie/Molly/Nicole/Teri/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Himself/Duck (from Thomas)/Calamity Coyote (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Furrball (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Wade (from Garfield)/Odie (from Garfield)/Larry (from Spongebob)/Shnitzel (from Chowder)/Toad (from Mario)/Wario (from Mario)/Squirtle (from Pokemon)/Keeby (from Kirby)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Big (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Manic (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)
  • Uncle Chuck - Mr. Small/Richard/Gumball/Darwin/Banana Joe/Tobias/Bobert/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Alan/Clayton/Leslie/Penny/Carrie/Anais/Molly/Masami/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/Himself/Edward (from Thomas)/Toby (from Thomas)/Thomas (from Thomas)/Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes)/Plato (from Garfield)/Michael Crab (from Garfield)/Spongebob's Dad (from Spongebob)/Gazpacho (from Chowder)/Mr. Maellard (from Regular Show)/Toadsworth (from Mario)/Luigi (from Mario)/Gligar (from Pokemon)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)
  • Amy - Carrie/Penny/Masami/Anais/Molly/Nicole/Tina Rex/Teri/Carmen/Ms. Simian/Gumball/Darwin/Banana Joe/Tobias/Bobert/Richard/Alan/Mr. Small/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/Clayton/Leslie/The Eggheads/Herself/Rosie (from Thomas)/Emily (from Thomas)/Babs Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Fifi La Fume (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Elmrya Duff (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Cloe (from Garfield)/Penilupe (from Garfield)/Lanolin (from Garfield)/Pearl (from Spongebob)/Mindy (from Spongebob)/Sandy (from Spongebob)/Cheviche (from Chowder)/Panini (from Chowder)/Eilleen (from Regular Show)/Margaret (from Regular Show)/Peach (from Mario)/Birdo (from Mario)/Jigglypuff (from Pokemon)/Buneary (from Pokemon)/Tiff (from Kirby)/Ribbon (from Kirby)/Sally (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)/Cosmo (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)
  • Cream - Anais/Carmen/Penny/Carrie/Masami/Molly/Nicole/Teri/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Darwin/Gumball/Tobias/Banana Joe/Bobert/Mr. Small/Richard/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/Alan/Clayton/Leslie/The Eggheads/Herself/Lady (from Thomas)/Rosie (from Thomas)/Sweetie Pie (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Fifi La Fume (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Babs Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Cloe (from Garfield)/Mindy (from Spongebob)/Sandy (from Spongebob)/Pearl (from Spongebob)/Cheviche (from Chowder)/Eilleen (from Regular Show)/Birdo (from Mario)/Toadette (from Mario)/Emolga (from Pokemon)/Jigglypuff (from Pokemon)/Buneary (from Pokemon)/Honey (from Kirby)/Ribbon (from Kirby)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)/Cosmo (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Charmy (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Rotor (from Sonic)
  • Shadow - Leslie/The Robber/Mr. Robinson/Gumball/Darwin/Banana Joe/Richard/Tobias/Bobert/Rocky/Alan/Mr. Small/Clayton/Penny/Carrie/Anais/Molly/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/Himself/Edward (from Thomas)/Spencer (from Thomas)/Hector (from Thomas)/James (from Thomas)/Montana Max (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Dizzy Devil (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Aloysius (from Garfield)/Bo (from Garfield)/Plankton (from Spongebob)/Squidward (from Spongebob)/Muscle Man (from Regular Show)/Benson (from Regular Show)/Wario (from Mario)/Luigi (from Mario)/Meowth (from Pokemon)/Meta Knight (from Kirby)/Antoine (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Silver (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Rouge (from Sonic)/Metal Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Rouge - Nicole/Carrie/Ms. Simian/Mavis (from Thomas)/Daisy (from Thomas)
  • Dr. Eggman - Mr. Robinson/The Robber/Gumball/Darwin/Richard/Banana Joe/Tobias/Bobert/Rocky/Alan/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Anais/Penny/Carrie/Nicole/Carmen/Teri/Himself/Diesel (from Thomas)/Diesel 10 (from Thomas)/Thomas (from Thomas)/Dr. Gene Splicer (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Montana Max (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/The Weasel (from Garfield)/The Flying Dutchman (from Spongebob)/Plankton (from Spongebob)/Mr. Krabs (from Spongebob)/Stilton (from Chowder)/Bowser (from Mario)/Mewtwo (from Pokemon)/Meowth (from Pokemon)/King Dedede (from Kirby)/Snivley (from Sonic)/Eggman Nega (from Sonic)/Metal Sonic (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Scratch - Himself/The Eggheads/Gumball/Darwin/Bill (from Thomas)/Ben (from Thomas)/Donald (from Thomas)/Douglas (from Thomas)/Arry (from Thomas)/Bert (from Thomas)/Danforth Drake (from Tiny Toon Adentures)/Roderick Rat (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Pinky (from Pinky and The Brain)/Brain (from Pinky and The Brain)/Lemmy "Hip" Koopa (from Mario)/Iggy "Hop" Koopa (from Mario)/Waluigi (from Mario)/Wario (from Mario)/Pichu Bros. (from Pokemon)/Ekans (from Pokemon)/Koffing (from Pokemon)/Decoe (from Sonic)/Bocoe (from Sonic)/Sleet (from Sonic)/Dingo (from Sonic)/Orbot (from Sonic)/Cubot (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Mighty (from Sonic)/Ray (from Sonic)
  • Grounder - Himself/The Eggheads/Darwin/Gumball/Ben (from Thomas)/Bill (from Thomas)/Douglas (from Thomas)/Donald (from Thomas)/Bert (from Thomas)/Arry (from Thomas)/Danforth Drake (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Roderick Rat (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Brain (from Pinky and The Brain)/Pinky (from Pinky and The Brain)/Lemmy "Hip" Koopa (from Mario)/Iggy "Hop" Koopa (from Mario)/Wario (from Mario)/Waluigi (from Mario)/Pichu Bros. (from Pokemon)/Koffing (from Pokemon)/Ekans (from Pokemon)/Bocoe (from Sonic)/Decoe (from Sonic)/Sleet (from Sonic)/Dingo (from Sonic)/Cubot (from Sonic)/Orbot (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Ray (from Sonic)/Mighty (from Sonic)
  • Coconuts - Himself/Gumball/Darwin/Banana Joe/Richard/Tobias/Bobert/Mr. Robinson/Rocky/The Robber/Alan/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/Penny/Carrie/Anais/Molly/Masami/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/George (from Thomas)/Oogie (from Tiny Toon Adventures)/Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa (from Mario)/Bowser Jr. (from Mario)/Teddiursa (from Pokemon)/Chimchar (from Pokemon)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Antoine (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Cosmo (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)
  • Metal Sonic - Bobert/Himself/The Robber/Mr. Robinson/Gumball/Darwin/Banana Joe/Richard/Tobias/Rocky/Alan/Mr. Small/Clayton/Leslie/Penny/Carrie/Anais/Molly/Masami/Nicole/Tina Rex/Ms. Simian/Carmen/Teri/Diesel (from Thomas)/Thomas (from TTTE)/Tails Doll (from Sonic)/Metal Knuckles (from Sonic)/Snivley (from Sonic)/Dr. Eggman (from Sonic)/Eggman Nega (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Silver (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Rouge (from Sonic)/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Professor (from Felix the Cat)/Brain (from Pinky and the Brain)/Robot Spongebob (from Spongebob)/Squidward (from Spongebob)/Sam the Eagle (from Muppets)/The Principal (from A Goofy Movie)/Max (from Cats Don't Dance)/Meta Knight (from Kirby)/Mr. Grumpy (from Mr. Men)/Grumpy (from Snow White)

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