The Amazing World of Gumball: Bedtime Magic is a 2011 VHS Episode.

Video Info

Ready for bed? In The Amazing World of Gumball: Bedtime Magic, The Wattersons are having a sleepover on their couch as their bed. Join Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole, Richard and the rest of the Elmore Gang for Bedtime Songs and wonderful lullabies. When The Wattersons spend the night in the living room, They found out that they were sleeping overnight in their living room together as your child drifts off to sleep.


Get a perfect sleep with Gumball and his family and friends.

Part 1

1. Opening Intro

2. Bedtime Business (Sang by Nicole and the family)

3. Family Talk

Part 2

4. Anais tries to get a good night sleep

5. Anais' Lullaby (The Song is where Nicole sings her daughter a lullaby to help her sleep.) (Sang by Nicole)

6. A Talk With a Mother and Daughter Relationship

7. Nicole sleeps with Anais

8. A Flashback of Anais

Part 3

9. Carrie's Midnight Party

10. The Party Goes To Midnight (Sang By Carrie and the other ghosts)

11. Nicole Gives Anais a Massage

12. She Will Be Loved (A Song by Maroon 5 and Sang by Gumball to Penny)

13. Darwin's Nightmare

14. Rock A Bye Darwin (Sang By Nicole, Gumball and Richard)

15. Moonlight, Night is Near (Sang By Nicole)

16. I Was Taking A Bath (Sang by Gumball, Darwin and Anais)

17. Nicole tells Gumball, Darwin and Anais a bedtime story

Part 4

18. Anais' Bath

19. Hush Little Bunny (Sang By Nicole)

20. Tisk Task Little Mouse (Sang By Richard)

21. Mousely Tale

22. Nicole calms Anais down

23. Hush A Bye My Little Anais (sang by Nicole)

24. Brahms Lullaby (Sang by Nicole)

25. Moonlight Lullaby (Sang by Nicole)

Part 5

26. Anais finally gets a nightmare.

27. Gumball comforts Anais after getting a nightmare.

28. A Brother's Song (sang by Gumball to Anais).


Lo Straordinario Mondo di Gumball: Coricarsi Magia (Italy), Le Monde Incroyable de Gumball: Heure Du Coucher Magique (France), El Asombroso Mundo de Gumball: Hora de Acostarse Magia (Spain), Die Fantastische Welt von Gumball: Schlafenszeit Magie (German), El Increíble Mundo de Gumball: Hora de Acostarse Magia (Mexico),

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