(A view of the jungle is seen in the beginning of the trailer with Buster Moon singing)

Tagline: The jungle will be jumpin' soon.

Narrator: It's been a long time in coming, but now after 4 years, the announcement can be made. AnimatedFan195's most entertaining triumph in the art of animation is here.

(Kovu is seen walking and singing)

Kovu (singing): "Dooby-dooby-doobity-doo. Well, it's a doobity-doo. Yes, it's a doobity-doo."

Kovu: Well now. Ha-ha! What have we here?

Title: The Animal Book (AnimatedFan195 Version)

Narrator: It's AnimatedFan195's "The Animal Book".

Kovu (singing): "Look for the lion necessities. The simple lion necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife."

(Penny sees Cody in the Man-Village)

Narrator: Yes, The Animal Book. A new departure of contemporary entertainment.

Kovu: Kid, we got to get to a tree. This calls for some back-scratch.

(Cody giggles after Kovu goes for a back-scratch)

(Kovu back-scratches the tree and pulls it out to make it a big back-scratch)

Narrator: A voice-trous musical comedy version of Rudyard Kipling's familiar stories of the boy Cody, and his encounters of human nature in the jungle. There's the devious Boss Wolf,

Boss Wolf (singing): "Trust in me, trust in me."

(Cody gets hypnotized by Boss Wolf during "Trust in Me")

Narrator: and the envious Buster Moon, king of the mammals,

Buster Moon (singing): "Oh, ooh-bee-doo."

"Sing" characters (singing): "Oop-de-wee."

Buster Moon (singing): "I wanna be like you."

"Sing" characters (singing): "Hop-dee-doo-bee-do-bow."

Buster Moon (singing): "I wanna walk like you."

Mike (singing): "Cheep."

Buster Moon (singing): "Talk like you."

Mike (singing): "Cheep."

Buster Moon (singing): "Too-o-ooo!"

Narrator: the dawn patrol,

Cats (singing): "Oh, the aim of our patrol,"

Tiger (singing): "is a question rather droll."

Narrator: and the pompus Thomas O'Malley,

Thomas O'Malley: Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk. The dusty muzzle. (to Rufus) Soldier, that haircut is nothing in your nation. Rather the goodies, sir, don't you think?

(Thomas O'Malley gives Rufus a short haircut)

Thomas O'Malley: There! That's better.

Narrator: then there's the jungle's gang of adventurous friends,

Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Rabbit (singing): "We never met an animal we didn't like."

Narrator: and the treacherous Lord Shen.

Lord Shen: Boo!

(Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Rabbit panic and run away)

Rabbit: Let's get out of here!

Pooh: Run, friend, run!

(Lord Shen attemps to attack Cody, but Kovu grabs him by the tail)

Kovu: Run, Cody, run!

Narrator: An adventurous boy in the jungle, and all he has on his side are six real friends, the boy's jungle guardians.

Mordecai: Oh no!

(Kovu chases Lord Shen with the tail)

Rigby: Kovu!

Lord Shen: Let go!

Kovu: Are you kidding? There's teeth on the other end!

(Kovu gets hit in the neck with a tree branch)

Narrator: Kovu, Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, CJ and Eileen, six wonderful characters destined to become comedy immortals.

Mordecai: Fire! So that's what that scoundrel's after.

Kovu: Yeah! Well, man, what a beat!

Margaret: Will you stop that silly beat business and listen?!

CJ: This will take brains, not brawn!

Kovu: You better believe it, and I'm loaded with both!

(Buster Moon and the "Sing" characters dance while marching, when Kovu (as Gia) comes in to dance)

Gia (singing): "Hey! De-zop-ba-ronie. Hap-da-dee-ba-lat. Da-dat-dat-non. Hey, a-baby-dat-doo."

(Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, CJ and Eileen see Kovu (as Gia) in disguise, in fear while Buster sees her)

Gia (singing): "Zaba-doo-doo-day-doo-bop. Doo-boo-doo-day, ze-bonz. Za-bop-bop-bobby."

Buster Moon (singing): "Za-bah-doo-dee!"

Gia (singing): "Well, a-ree-bah-naza."

Buster Moon (singing): "He-beh-do-beh-doy!"

Gia (singing): "Well, a-lah-bah-zini."

Buster Moon (singing): "Rrrrahr-rrrahr!"

Gia (singing): "Gettin' mad, baby"

Buster Moon and Gia (singing): "Yoo-hoo-hoo! (Oop-de-wee) I wanna be like you-u-u! (Hop-dee-doo-bee-do-bow) I wanna walk like you! (Cheep) Talk like you! (Cheep) Too-oo-ooo!"

Narrator: In 30 years, there's never been a more entertaining achievement than the art of animation.

Buster Moon and Gia (singing): "Can learn to be, like someone, like you."

Title (again): The Animal Book (AnimatedFan195 Version)

Buster Moon: One more time!

Kovu (singing): "Yeah! Can learn to be, like someone, like me-e! Cee-dee-do-bop-bop. Bada-doodle. Dot-andot-andot-andot-andot-..."

(Kovu looks down and sees himself losing the disguise)

Kovu: Man.

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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