• Rupert Farley: Fox, Hare, Mr Pheasant, Friendly, Bold, Plucky, Trey, Shark and others.
  • Stacy Jefferson: Vixen, Adder, Charmer, Mrs Hare, Mrs Rabbit and others.
  • Ron Moody: Badger, Toad, Whistler, Bully, Spike, Rollo, Mr Hedgehog, Mr Vole, Mr Mouse, Great White Stag, King, Bison, and others.
  • Jeremy Barrett: Mr Rabbit, Mole, Mr Shrew, Hollow, Mossy, Measley, Falcon and others.
  • Sally Grace: Owl, Weasel and others.
  • Pamela Keevilkral: Dash, Cleo, Fido, Speedy, Whisper, Mrs Squirrel, Mrs Hedgehog, Princess and others.
  • Jon Glover: Scarface, Ranger, The Warden, Alligator and others.
  • Gary Martin: Rhino, Gorilla and others.
  • Rupert Degas: Eagle, Giraffe and others.
  • Enn Reitel: Peak, Bark, Armadillo, Wolf, Prince and others.
  • Susie Blake: Tiger, Elephant and others.
  • Lorelei King: Gazelle and others.
  • Brian Trueman: Hammerhead and others.

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