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This story is based upon the classic Sega Dreamcast game, Sonic Advenutre.

UK Cast

Rupert Farley: Fox, Hare, Hunter

Stacey Jefferson: Vixen, Adder, Kestrel, Mrs. Rabbit, Mrs. Hare, Mrs. Fieldmouse, Lady Blue

Ron Moody: Badger, Toad, Whistler, King, Bison, Vole, Fieldmouse, Hedgehog, The Great Stag

Jeremy Barrett: Mole, Rabbit, Shrew, Falcon

Sally Grace: Owl, Weasel, Squirrel, Mrs. Vole

Pamela Keevil Kral: Princess, Mrs. Hedgehog, Speedy, Mrs. Squirrel

Jon Glover: Scarface, Alligator

Gary Martin: Shark, Rhino, Gorilla

Rupert Degas: Eagle, Giraffe

Enn Reitel: Wolf, Peak, Bark, Armadillo, Prince

Susie Blake: Tiger, Elephant

Lorelei King: Gazelle

Brian Trueman: Hammerhead

US Cast:

Ralph Macchio: Fox

Dan Hennesey: Badger, Peak

John Stocker: King, Bark, Armadillo

Susan Roman: Vixen

Sean McCann: Toad, Bison

Amos Crawley: Whistler, Eagle

Len Carlson: Rabbit, Alligator

Colin O'Meara: Hare, Fieldmouse

Tracy Ryan: Weasel

Neil Crone: Scarface, Wolf

Plot 3000 years in the past, the Animarium, ruled by Prince the Black Lion, desires the Animarium Gems and the Animarium Crystal - mysterious jewels with unlimited power. The first lady of the tribe, Princess the Leopard, befriends the Minibeasts in the gems'shrine and their guardians Alligator, Wolf and Hammerhead, three predators. Princess tries to explain to Prince that attacking the shrine and killing the Minibeasts to gain possession of the gems is not the way to peace, but Prince and his army do so anyway. He and his army, however, did not know about the Predators, the guardians of the shrine, and the enraged Predators uses the power of the gems to transform into a humanoid demon and destroy the Animarium. Princess survives and seals the angered Predators and herself inside the Animarium Krystal for eternity.

In the present day, King the Lion is guarding the Crystal on the floating the Animarium when the Predators are released from the emerald by Scarface. The Animarium Crystal, now shattered, can no longer keep the Animarium alive, andevery single plant and tree starts to die, scattering the shards of the Crystal. Wolf later appears in White Deer Park, and is confronted by Fox and Vixen, who defeat him in a fight. King, Eagle, Shark, Bison and Tiger set off searching for the shards of the Animarium. The next day, Fox rescues Whistler and Speedy after they crash-land in a bush while testing his Animarium Gem-powered flight stablizer. They go to the mountains workshop in the Animarium, where Scarface appears with the Predators. Scarface feeds two gems to Wolf, making him even stronger; Scarface explains that the Predators will grow stronger with each Gem they eat and will eventually become invincible and destroy White Deer Park and the Animarium for him. Upon the ruins of both settlements, Scarface intends to build Blue Fox Park, where he will rule it all. The Animals of Fsrthing Wood set off searching for gems to prevent Scarface from getting them first, but eventually lose the ones they find to them. Scarface and the Predators escape in his flying boat-like carrier, the Blue Fox Vessel, which shoots down Falcon, carrying the Farthing animals underneath in another carrier, separating the carnivors and herbivors.

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