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Beetlegeuse1981's movie-spoof of Disney's 1967 film, "The Jungle Book"


  • Mowgli - Yogi Bear
  • Baloo - Whiskers (Brandy and Mr. Whiskers)
  • Bagheera - Alvin (Alvin And The Chipmunks)
  • Colonel Hathi - Danny (Cats Don't Dance)
  • King Louie - Flik (A Bug's Life)
  • Kaa - Skipper (Madagascar)
  • Shere Khan - Hopper (A Bug's Life)
  • Shanti - Cindy Bear
  • Buzzie - Tigger (Winnie The Pooh)
  • Flaps - Piglet (Winnie The Pooh)
  • Ziggy - Winnie The Pooh
  • Dizzie - Rabbit (Winnie The Pooh)
  • Flunkey - Slim (A Bug's Life)
  • The Monkeys - Various Bugs
  • Winifred - Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Hathi Jr. - Oliver (Oliver And Company)
  • The Elephants - Cats Don't Dance Characters (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Akela - Molt (A Bug's Life)
  • The Wolf Councils - The Fly Brothers (A Bug's Life)
  • Rama - Manny (A Bug's Life)
  • Raksha - Gypsy (A Bug's Life)
  • Wolf Cubs - Bees (Winnie The Pooh)
  • Young Mowgli - Boo Boo Bear


  1. Main Titles ("Overture")
  2. Alvin Discovers Yogi/Yogi's Jungle Life
  3. Yogi and Alvin Encounter Skipper
  4. "Danny's March"
  5. Alvin and Yogi's Argument
  6. Yogi Meets Whiskers/("The Bare Necessities")
  7. Yogi Meets Flik/("I Wann'na Be Like You")
  8. Alvin and Whiskers's Moonlight Talk
  9. Yogi Runs Away
  10. Hopper Arrives/("Danny's March - Reprise")
  11. Yogi and Skipper's Second Encounter/("Trust in Me")
  12. Skipper the Penguin and Hopper's Conversation
  13. Yogi's Friends/("That's What Friends are For")
  14. Yogi Meets Hopper/Bear Fight
  15. The Grand Finale ('My Own Home")/"The Bare Necessities - Reprise"
  16. End Credits

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