Very little is known of the early history of mankind, since most of the records were destroyed during the Great Jihad. It seems that man had reached a technologically advanced and prosperous society somewhere around AD2000, succeeded in mastering inter-planetary space travel by about AD2090, and began to form colonies around the Solar System by AD2200. By AD2500, colonies had been established on Mars, many of the moons of Jupiter, all the larger moons of Saturn, and on Pluto. In addition, man had finally developed ships capable of crossing the vast gaps between stars. By 2630, a colony had been established on the largest world in neighbouring Alpha Centauri, on the newly named planet of Antan (After the name of the colony ship).

Rise of the Monarchy

As the colony on Antan developed, a leader was born from the tough life lead by the population; Cyrus Kaey. Cyrus oversaw the expansion of the Antan and was posthumously crowned King, his descendants continued on as the monarchy took hold. During the centuries that followed the expansion of the Antan spread to other planets in the system, the first to be colonised was planet Pörst. Named after the first man to set foot on its surface, Pörst was a perilous place to land; ion storms in the upper atmosphere and storms almost to the surface almost destroyed the small colony ship on landing. The atmosphere, though hostile provided the Antan with a powerful power source: the electric storms could provide huge amounts of power to the planet and could be beamed across the system to provide power for fleets and developing colonies on other planets. Pörst soon became an industrial centre, its mineral and ore rich composure provided materials for the Great Industrial Revolution that built the great fleets of the Kingdom.


Along with this great expansion and industry came dissidence and distrust of the Monarchy; the workers saw the power and riches of the Royal Family and their close friends and compared it too their lifestyle. Strikes and revolts stirred up around the system, King Henning II saw the dangers and set about building a parliament that would run along side the monarchy. His quick thinking calmed the population down, and the system calmed down. Over time the monarchy lost power and eventually faded away to obscurity.

Ascension War

When planet Granam (one of the outer planets of the system) was still developing, the government was coming under fire from those it represented; corruption was rife, surveillance left the population paranoid about their security, and in a time of desperation they searched for any sign of relief. The relief came in the form of Kroega Kaey; alleged descendant of the Monarchs, she had risen to high authority on Granam and she vowed to restore the Antan to their former glory. All that was needed to ignite the situation was a spark.

The government were too heavy handed with Kroega, declaring her and enemy of the state, causing uproar amongst much of the population. The armed forces were split in two; the Democrats and the Royalists, and so the Ascension War began.

Much of planet Antan’s defence fleet joined forces with the Royalists, the Democrat forces put up a brave fight in orbit, weakening the enemy fleet enough to allow government troops to dig in around Antan. Kroega herself moved to take personal command of the invasion force on the ground and with troops she had gathered from planets loyal to her, she tore her way through the enemy towards the Capitol. Government members fled the planet; some were killed while trying to escape. Kroega declared a victory, and she was crowned Queen by her supporters. The government forces fled to the outer planets, where they live as exiles.

Those who support the Monarchy are fiercely loyal, the citizens, whatever they think of their Queen, will defend their homeland until the end.




The Antan Armed Forces (AAF) use a mix of energy and projectile based weapons. Some of the different regiments prefer different designs of weapons, usually this is influenced by the resources available on their planet of origin.

  • Pörst Storm Troopers prefer to use Guass rifles in combat, their specialist soldiers will occasionally carry Tesla Arch weapons.
  • The Antan Royal Guard equip their troopers with Plasma guns.

Ground Vehicles

The AAF uses a variety of vehicles for combat maneuvers depending on the battlefield situation.

  • Tr5M6 'Tortoise' armoured transport is a quad-tracked APC design to provide a reliable transport, with enough firepower to defend itself from the enemy.
  • R2M2 Scout Car reconnaissance vehicle is an armoured 6 wheeled radar vehicle used to detect enemy troops, and to spot targets for artillery.
  • O3M2 Mobile Artillery is a large self propelled gun that is capable of firing great distances. The artillery piece, however, is extremely slow and not has difficulty crossing rough terrain.
Bipedal Assault Vehicles (BAVs)

Designed on the swamp planet of Hola, where tanks would easily get bogged down by the terrain, these walkers are used extensively for a variety of roles (depending on the type of BAV).

  • B5 'Hessian' is armed with two Type4 AP cannons. Designed for tank hunting, this BAV has jump jets that allow it to keep out of harms way, making up for its relatively light armour.
  • B6 'Stinger' is armed with HE rockets and heavy machine guns making it a highly effective anti infantry weapon.
  • B10 'Hellcat' is heavily armoured and is armed with rockets, heavy machine guns and anitmatter cannons. This slow BAV is designed to be an all purpose vehicle, but if isolated it becomes vulnerable.

Airborne Vehicles

The AAF aircraft range from small recon UAVs to giant battleships and space stations.

Air vehicles

These vehicles are the Antan craft that require a suitable planetary atmosphere to operate in.

  • ATr7 'Hopper' this twin rotored transport craft is used to carry single squads around and to the battle field.
  • The Raptor gunship is used to provide air support to the ground troops when fleet fire support is unavailable.
Aerospace vehicles

This term is used to describe any vehicles capable of operating in both space and in an atmsophere.

  • B90 Gotha bomber. Armed with 4 turrets for defense, this heavily armoured torpedo bomber is designed for both anti-fleet and and ground attack missions.
  • I12 Interceptor, this small agile craft is used to defend the fleets, or bombers from small craft or to bring down enemy air support.
  • ATr60 Landing craft is used for boarding action in space of for landing troops on a planets surface.
  • Granam class Gunboat: These craft are smaller than the rest of the capitol ships, but they are faster and are armed with torpedoes.
  • Kaey Class Gunboat: Similar in looks to Granams, but armed with bombardment weapons to provide fire support to ground troops from within the atmosphere.
Space vehicles

Most space-only craft are just too massive to safely pilot at atmospheric distance from a planet, therefore most are not designed to withstand reentry.

  • Hammer Orbital Bombardment Craft - Designed to give support fire to multiple battles simultaneously. Armed with hundreds of bombardment lasers and plasma rockets. Due to the comparatively short range of their weapons OBCs cannot maintain a geostationary orbit around most planets and still be in range, this means that they can only give coverages to certain sectors at certain times.
  • Spectre Class Cruiser - Equiped with advanced sensors, radar jamming equipement, and advanced countermeasures. These cruisers effectively invisible, even the glow from their engines is masked by blinker-like plates. Several of these craft can be used in careful formation to hide a fleet in a similar way. Armed mainly with disruption weapons, EMP cannons and engine disruptors, these craft are perfect for disabiling a craft ready for boarding.




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