AnimeRocks Movie Spoof of The 1998 Movie The Sion King

Mowgli(The Jungle Book)as Young Kimba

Aladdin(Aladdin)as Adult Kimba

Shanti(The Jungle Book)as Young Bala

Princess Jasmine(Aladdin)as Adult Bala

Jafar(Aladdin)as Skar

Grimsby(The Little Mermaid)as Jaju

Cassim(Aladdin The King of Thieves)as Bufasa

Messua(The Jungle Book)as Karabi

Mozenrath(Aladdin)as Sanzai

Sadira(Aladdin)as Jhenzi

Abis Mal(Aladdin)as Gab

Hercules(Hercules)as Simon

The Sultan(Aladdin)as Tumbaa

Jackel(Aladdin the Series)as The Leopard


The Arabian King Part 1 The Faith Of Life

The Arabian King Part 2 Cassim and Jafar's Conversation/Mowgli's First Day/The Morning Report

The Arabian King Part 3 Jafar and Mowgli's Coversation/Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be King

The Arabian King Part 4 Cassim and Mowgli's Conversation

The Arabian King Part 5 Get Prepared

The Arabian King part 6 The Stampede/Cassim's Death/Mowgli Runs Away

The Arabian King part 7 Jafar Takes Over/ Meet Hercules and The Sultan

The Arabian King part 8 Hakuna Matata

The Arabian King part 9 Grimsby and Jafar's Conversation

The Arabian King Part 10 The Night/Jackel Fight/Aladdin Attacks The Jackel

The Arabian King Part 11 Jasmine chases Sultan/The Reunion

The Arabian King Part 12 Can You Feel The Love Tonight

The Arabian King Part 13 Aladdin and Jasmine's Argument

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