Duchess - Nala [The Lion King]

Thomas O'Malley - Simba [The Lion King]

Berlioz - Young Kovu [The Lion King 2 Simba's Prde]

Toulouse - Young Simba [The Lion King]

Marie - Young Nala [The Lion King]

Madame BonFamille - Messua [The Jungle Book 2]

George Hautecourt - Professor Porter [Tarzan]

Edgar Balthazar - Jafar [Aladdin]

Abigail and Amelia - Kairel and Panthy [Noah's Ark]

Uncle Waldo - Nuka [The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride]

Napoleon - Shere Khan [The Jungle Book] and Tigger (Pooh)

Roquefort - Timoty O Mouse [Dumbo]

Scat Cat - Louis thé Alligator [The Princess and thé Frog]

Shun Gon the Chinese Cat - Kaa [A Bug's Life]

Hit Cat the English Cat - Sir Hiss [Robin Hood]

Peppo the Italian Cat - King Louie [The Jungle Book]

Billy Boss the Russian Cat - Baloo [The Jungle Book]

Frou-Foru - Maid Marian [Robin Hood]

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