The Aristocats/Garfield Scat Cat as Garfield Garfield & Scat Cat Are Both Cats George Haurecort as Jon Arbuckle Rex (From Toy Story) as Odie Kevin (From Ed Edd N Eddy) as Binky The Clown Madame Aladie Bomfamilie as Liz Arbuckle Henry (From Thomas & Friends) as Nermal Breezie (From AoSTH) as Penolope Sabari (From The Lion King) as Arlene Toulouse as Orson Thomas O Malley as Roy Mr Bocco (From Salty's Lighthouse) as Booker Mr Socco (From Salty's Lighthouse) as Sheldon Shun Gon The Chinese Cat as Wade Berlioz as Bo Berlioz and Bo Both Have Their Names Starting With B Duchess as Lanolin Uncle Waldo as Plato Iago (From Aladdin) as Wart Zip (From TUGS) as Mort and More

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