Version 1

Toulouse as Pngu

Berlioz as Robby the Seal

Marie as Pinga

Thomas ,O, Malley as Pingo Espio From Sonic as Pingg

Scat Cat as Pingu,s Dad

Frou Frou as Pingu,s Mom

Duchess as Pingi

George Haurecort as The Schoolmaster

Edgar as Hockey Player 1

Sly From Noddy as Hockey Player 2

Gobbo From Noddy as Hockey Player 3

Dulcy From Sonic as The Seagull

Desiel From TTTE as Leopard Seal

Uncle Waldo as Pingu,s Grandfather

The Fox From Garfield as The Grumpy Penguin

Hit Cat The English Cat as Prince

Shun Gon The Chinese Cat as Bajoo

Laffayate as Punki

Puffa From TUGS as Pingu With Green Skin

Peppo The Italian Cat as Pongi {Peppo and Pongi Both Have Thier Names Begining With P}

Eric Cartman From South Park as The Monster

The Dispwatcher From Theatore Tugboat as The Mayor

Mr Forgetful From Mr Men as Pingg With Black Skin

Wags The Dog From Wiggles as The Strangers

The Tibble Twins From Arthur as The Two Baby Penguins

Billy Boss The Russian Cat as Doctor

Gourdon From Veggietales as Pongg

Numbuh 5 From Spy Kids Next Door as Prince

The Evil Dentist From Fred as Killer Vaccum Cleaner

The Evil Queen From Snow White as An Old Granny-Hating Penguin

Butch From Tom & Jerry as Pingu,s Friend

Lightning McQueen From Cars as Organ Grinder

Tigger From Winnie The Pooh as Pingu,s Second Friend

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