• Duchess - Spydra (Gadget Boy)
  • Thomas O'Malley - Thrax (Osmosis Jones)
  • Toulouse - Simon (Trollz)
  • Berlioz - Montana Max (Tiny Toon Adventures)
  • Marie - Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)
  • Madame - Principal Cinch (Equestria Girls: Friendship is Magic)
  • George - Prince Charming (Shrek)
  • Edgar - Darkwing Duck
  • Roquefort - Buzz (Cyberchase)
  • Frou-Frou - Nightmare Moon (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
  • Napoleon and Lafayette - Scratch and Grounder (The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Amelia and Abigail - Reeka and Draggle (My Little Pony: The Movie)
  • Uncle Waldo - Discord (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
  • French Milkman - Lord Farquaad (Shrek
  • Le Petit Le Cafe - Gargamel (Smurfs)
  • Scat Cat - Lord Hater (Wander Over Yonder)
  • Italian Cat - Creeper (The Black Cauldron)
  • Russian Cat - Berkeley Beetle (Thumbelina)
  • English Cat - Beastly (Care Bears)
  • Chinese Cat - Prince Froglip (The Princess and the Goblin)

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