yru17's Movie Spoof Of The Aristocats

Duchess-Baby Bop (Barney)

Thomas O'Malley-Barney

Beriloz-BJ (Barney)

Toulouse-Petrie (The Land Before Time)

Marie-Ducky (The Land Before Time)

Madame Bonfammile-Peach

Georges Haurcort-Pogoriki (Gogoriki)



Abgail And Amelia-Petr'e mom(the land before time) and Elsa we're back a dinosaur's story)

Uncle Waldo-Pterano(the land before time 7)

Scat Cat-Rex(WE're back a dinosaur's story)

Chinese Cat-(Dweeb We're back a dinosaur's story)

English Cat-Scat(Dink the little dinosaur)

Italian Cat-Sid(Ice Age)

Russian Cat-Guido(the land before time 12)

Frou-Frou-Tria(The land before time)

Edgar-Red Claw, Screech and Thud(The Land Before time Tv Series)


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