The Art of Acrabatic's is the short movie packed with The New Original Story.

The movie centers on the charectars John, Larry and Alicia telling stories of their lives, John's: His life with inspecting, Larry's his life in college when he met John and Alicia's story of her in dance class and how she was in The Orpheam Theatre and with John, and Larry.


The movie centers on John, Larry and Alicia telling their life stories.


John tells a story of how he became an inspector. It all began just when he was 2 years old in California. Larry tells the kids about him and how he was in acrabatic school: In 1992 he met Randy Joardon. The story then goes foward to 2008 when he met John and Quinn. They leave after 8 days and they also meet Alicia. Alicia tells about her life  when she was apart of the New York Circus. 

By: Roc.

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