The Ascendency

The Ascendency are a team of super-heroes (both human and extra-human) drawn from all parts of the world, in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Modern Day Universe.


The Ascendency was founded by the extra-human known as High Ultimate, who viewed the growing American dominance in the extra-human world as a dangerous thing. He founded the Ascendency as a means to globalise the hero community, and to encourage involvement of heroes in other countries where their native forces could not prevail against extra-human threats. Using funds and resources collected from a still unknown source, High Ultimate founded the Levita One, a large fleet of vessels that constantly patrolled the Earth’s seas. He then put out his message to the world, and began the process of recruiting and integrating members from all over the world. The Ascendency lists their founding date as the 3rd of January, 1994, which is the date of their first public action. From the group’s inception, however, they have faced harsh criticism. They are not a recognised international organisation, and as such their cross-border operations are deemed illegal by many of the world’s nations. Some believe the only reason they escape prosecution is due to their home base constantly afloat in international waters. Many countries welcome their involvement, however, especially those whose extra-human communities are not as fully developed as other countries, leaving them vulnerable. A notable turning point in the Ascendency’s history was the joining by the Russian-born American, the Phase. His appointment to the team was largely a political one, allowing the Americans to monitor the actions of the Ascendency, but it also helped them gain more leeway in their actions, being backed by America.

List Of Ascendency Members

  • High Ultimate (unknown, founder)
  • Red Sand (Australia)
  • Four Sun Boy (Japan)
  • Dual Pakeha (New Zealand)
  • Phase (born in Russia, also member of Patriot Actors)
  • United Isles (United Kingdom)
  • Djiin (Bahrain)
  • Russian Bride (St. Petersburg)
  • Drive (Italy)
  • Son Of Odin (Scandinavia)

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