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The Avenger Project

The Avenger Project is the "flagship animation series" by the team behind the obscure Schizophrenia Ltd and Bazz Comics web pages. While it's been in an undesireable state of development since 2004, the team has been working on it, with help from Dead Ferret Studios.

Current Status

There are 0 episodes currently available for download, but the Teasers of every episode in the first season are written, and the Pilot and third episode are completely written. The team is working on casting the series.


The series centers around a ship built by a shape-shifting alien who lands on the planet in 2004. The Avenger is used as a cruise sip at first, but eventually leaves Earth in order to seek revenge against aliens who kill a colleague of the crew.


All exterior shots of the Avenger are done in the free, cross-platform 3D graphics and animation program, Blender. The rest of the animation is rotoscoped video.

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