The Avengers(Live Action/Animated) is an coming soon Superhero Spoof it will be the first Superhero Spoof to use animated Protagonists as the Heroes from the Previous Marvel Movies such as Iron Man to Captain America the First Avenger.

Note 1: This is one of the First Marvel films to be Sold by Disney Though the Walt Disney Pictures logo was not seen during The Avengers the logo may be seen in future Marvel Movies.

Note 2: Edward Norton who Previously lend the Role of Bruce Banner/Hulk was Replaced by Mark Ruffalo due to Norton not returning to The Avengers.

Note 3: There is a Upcoming Sequel coming soon for The Avengers called The Avengers 2 i might make a Movie Spoof of the sequel if i am Home if not if i'm in college then someone will take my place for Making movie spoofs.

Note 4: The Reason why Ant-Man And Wasp is not in this is because Black Widow and Hawkeye are taking their Place in the film.


Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)/Optimus Prime-Tony Stark/Iron Man

Ash Ketchum-Steve Rogers/Captain America

Finn the Human/Kovu(The Lion King II)-Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk


Sabrina Spellman(Sabrina the Animated Series/Sabrina's Secret Life)-Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Wilbur Robinson/Cole Evans(Wild Force)-Clint Barron/Hawkeye

Scar(The Lion King)-Loki

Spyro-Phil Coulson

Katniss Everdeen-Maria Hill

Eugene Krabs-Erik Slevig

Asuka(Abaranger)-Nick Fury

Namine-Pepper Potts

Merrick Baliton-Jasper Sitwell


Starscream(Transformers)-The Other

Master Xehanort-Thanos(Post Credit Scene Only)

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