The Awsome Adventures Of Geo Is A 2D/3D Cartoon Network TV Series.




Season 1 (2011)

# Title Written And Storyboarded By Original Airdate Prod. Code

The Power

Darwin Steals A Magical Keyboard From A Inaporucated Wizard. When He And Geo Leave A Hole In Their Bedroom Wall, They Struggle To Fix It. Darwin Decides To Use "Raises" To Fix It, But It Doesn't Work. They Use The Keyboard And Call It "The Power". They Accedentaly Send Anais To The Moon And Must Save Her. When They Get Home, The Hole Gets Bigger And Their Parents Destroy It.

Trevor Ricketts, Jon Foster, James Lamont And Mic Graves September 5, 2011 101

Just Set Up The Chairs

While Prepering For Geo And Darwin's Dad's Birthday Party, They Are Assigned To Set Up The Chairs And Prove To Their Mom That They Won't Slack Off, But They Slack Off, As Usual. As In Proccess, They Accedentaly Release An 8-Bit Samarai-Helmeted Demon From And Arcade Game Of The Same Name (Destroyer Of Worlds) And Must Stop Him. Two Chipmunk Twins, Mac And Tosh Are Selected To Save Them. Soon Their Mom Finds Out The Party Is Ruined.

Trevor Ricketts,

Mike Roth And Mic Graves

September 12, 2011 102

Caffenated Concert Tickets

The Duo Work Overtime In Order To Get Tickets To Go To A Fist Pump Concert. While Working, They Drink Coffee To Keep Them Active. But When They Run Out Of Coffee, They Seek The Help Of A Giant Coffee Bean And A Buissnessman (Who Are Also Intrested) To Get More. Geo Finds Out That The Concert Is Tommorow, And He And Darwin Must Defeat The Buisinessman (And The Coffee Bean) When They Turn Evil. Once They Are Defeated, They Go To The Concert With Their Parents, Spot And Anais. Their Friends Are There, Aswell.

Song: "Working For The Weekend" By LoverBoy.

Guest Voices: Sam Marin As The Giant Coffee Bean And Chris Jarvis As The Buisinessman.

James Lamont, C.H Greenblatt

And Mic Graves

September 19, 2011 103

Free Cake

Geo And Darwin Try To Seize An Opportunity To Eat A Piece Of Cake, And It Comes When They Learn That Carrie’s Birthday Is Coming Soon. But On The Night Of Her Birthday, Carrie secludes Herself In A Forest Instead Of Going To Her Party. Geo and Darwin Try To Bring Carrie To The Party, But They Interrupt Him While She's Doing A Spiritual Dance. As It Turns Out, Carrie Has Made A Pact With The "Guardians Of Eternal Youth", Who Were Giving Carrie The Gift Of Immortality As Long As She Performed The Spirit Dance Every Birthday. Now That Geo and Darwin Had Broken Carrie's Pact, The Guardians Kidnap Carrie And Are About To Kill Her. Now, The Two Must Rescue Carrie.

Mic Graves And James Lamont September 26, 2011 104

Death Punchies

Darwin Is Always Sick Of Loosing In Punchies, So He Decides To Learn The Power Of Death-Kwon-Do And Chooses The Death Punch Of Death. Geo Decides To Battle Darwin With Another Move (The Death Block), Putting Thier Friendship At Stake. Then Darwin Finds Out That Geo Learnt Two Extra Moves (The Death Jump And The Death Dump). He Chooses The Death Jump. After That, Thier Friendship Returns And Thing Are Still The Same.

Song: "You're The Best" By Joe Esposito.

Trevor Ricketts October 3, 2011 105

Meat Your Maker

It's The Official Wattersons Family BBQ. Geo And Darwin Grill The Hot Dogs Ready For It, And Darwin Gets The BBQ Oil. But It Is Set On Fire. The Duo Put The Grill In The Pool And The Wet And Cold Hot Dogs Float Into Their Drain. The Have To Look In The Basement Freezer And Look In All The Rooms Until They Find A Box Of Talking Hot Dogs In The Other Freezer Room. Their Box Is The Way Out, So The Duo Go In. The Hot Dogs Summon Thier Ship To Capture Thier Parents, Spot And Even Anais! So The Two Must Rescue Them In Time For The BBQ.

Guest Star: Tim Curry As The Leader Of The Talking Hot Dogs.

Mic Graves October 10, 2011 106
7 Grilled Cheese Deluxe
8 The Unicorns Have Got To Go
9 Prank Callers
10 Don
11 Darwin's Body
12 Geo And The Darwins

Badge Quest (2011-2012)

# Title Written And Storyboarded By Original Airdate Prod. Code

Loading It Up

The Duo Decide To Drive Semi-Trailer Trucks By Accedentaly Stealing One. So They Have To Avoid Their Fee.

Badges Earned: The Semi-Trailer Truck Driving Badge.

Trevor Ricketts And Mic Graves November 28, 2011 BQ01

Mighty Hoax

When Principal Brown Is Off Sick, Jamie Poses As Him (A Lifesized Cardboard Picture Taped Onto Her Chest) To Prank Geo And His Friends.

Song: "Beat It" By Michael Jackson.

Badges Earned: The Hoaxing Badge.

Jon Foster, James Lamont And Mic Graves December 5, 2011 BQ02

Zoo Work

Geo And Darwin Get Chosen To Be The 7th Annual Youth Zoo Groundskeepers, But Accedentaly Cause Chaos.

Badges Earned: The Groundkeeping Badge.

Trevor Ricketts And James Lamont December 12, 2011 BQ03

Danger Above

Geo And Darwin Are Bored, So They Decide To Look After Baby Birds. When Thier Mom Finds Out, They Are Forced To Avoid That Punishment.

Badges Earned: The Egg Protection Badge.

Mic Graves And Mike Roth December 19, 2011 BQ04

The Big Setup

Miss Simian's Class Gets Chosen To Build A New Mall In Elmore. Geo Gets The Digger While Darwin Gets The Excavator And Others Get Various Machines.

Badges Earned: The School Construction Badge.

Mic Graves And Sam Register December 26, 2011 BQ05

Round Em' Up!

Geo's Class Is Going On A Field Trip To The Elmore Ranching Site, So He And Darwin Look After The Horses.

Badges Earned: The Roundup Badge.

Trevor Ricketts January 2, 2012 BQ06

Gym Training

It's Sports Day And Geo And Darwin Decide To Enter. All Thier Friends Are Here And They Try To Get The Last Badge In The Collection.

Badges Earned: The Sports Day Badge.

Trevor Ricketts, Mic Graves And Mike Roth January 9, 2012 BQ07

Season 2 (2012)

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