The Baby Einstein Collection


Disc 1-The Early Baby Einstein

  • Baby Einstein (1998)
  • Baby Mozart (1999)
  • Baby Bach (1999)

Disc 2-Everybody's Wondering!

  • Baby Shakespeare (2000)
  • Baby Van Gogh (2000)

Disc 3-Baby Einstein's Fun!

  • Baby Santa's Music Box (2000)
  • Baby Dolittle: Neighborhood Animals (2001)
  • Baby Dolittle: World Animals (2001)

Disc 4-Baby's Relaxing!

  • Baby Vivaldi (2001)
  • Baby Newton (2002)
  • Baby Beethoven (2002)

Disc 5-Baby's Experience

  • Baby Neptune (2003)
  • Baby MacDonald (2003)
  • Baby Galileo (2003)

Disc 6-Baby's Fun Time

  • Numbers Nursery (2003)
  • Baby Noah (2004)
  • Baby DaVinci (2004)

Disc 7- Baby's Learning

  • Baby Monet (2005)
  • Baby Wordsworth (2005)
  • On the Go (2005)

Disc 8- Baby's Firsts

  • Meet the Orchestra (2006)
  • Baby's Favorite Places (2006)
  • Baby's First Moves (2006)

Disc 9- Baby's Education

  • My First Signs (2007)
  • Discovering Shapes (2007)
  • Lullaby Time (2007)

Disc 10- Baby's Variety

  • Baby's First Sounds (2008)
  • World Music (2009)
  • World Animal Adventure (2009)

Disc Opening

Disc 1-Open the Yellow Case

Disc 2-Open the Red Case

Disc 3-Open the Blue Case

Disc 4-Open the Green Case

Disc 5-Open the Orange Case

Disc 6-Open the Purple Case

Disc 7-Open the Brown Case

Disc 8-Open the White Case

Disc 9-Open the Black Case

Disc 10-Open the Pink Case

Open the Grey Case for the Baby Einstein product guides in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 (old and new version)

DVD Menu

Each DVD menu shows a sign saying "Pick a video, any video" which is similar to a magic trick saying "Pick a card, any card".

Bonus Features

Disc 1

  • Concert Hall: Baby Einstein (from the Baby Einstein DVD)
  • Concert Hall: Baby Mozart (from the Baby Mozart DVD)
  • Concert Hall: Baby Bach (from the Baby Bach DVD)
  • Interactive Flash Cards: Baby Webster Electronic Flash Cards
  • 2-minute video with Julie Aigner-Clark: Baby Einstein
  • 2-minute video with Julie Aigner-Clark: Baby Mozart

Disc 2

  • Concert Hall: Baby Beethoven (from the Baby Shakespeare DVD)
  • Concert Hall: Art Time Classics (from the Baby Van Gogh DVD)
  • Exhibition Center: Poetry recital and photo exhibit
  • Exhibition Center: Six paintings by Van Gogh
  • Message from Julie Aigner-Clark (Video Tutorial)
  • Baby Einstein Toy Chest
  • Baby Mozart Toy Chest
  • Baby Bach Toy Chest
  • Baby Shakespeare Toy Chest
  • Baby Van Gogh Toy Chest

Disc 3

  • Concert Hall: Holiday Classics (from the Baby Santa DVD)
  • Concert Hall: Neighborhood Animals Soundtrack (from the Neighborhood Animals DVD)
  • Concert Hall: World Animals Soundtrack (from the World Animals DVD)
  • Interactive Flash Cards: Baby Dolittle Electronic Flash Cards
  • Puppet Shows from Baby Dolittle: Neighborhood Animals
  • Puppet Shows from Baby Dolittle: World Animals

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