Three Railway Engines


  • Oliver's Day Out
  • Oliver and Paxton
  • The Sad Story of Duck
  • Oliver, Duck and Paxton

The Ballast Spreader the Yellow Ballast Spreader


  • The Ballast Spreader and Paxton
  • The Ballast Spreader's Train
  • The Ballast Spreader and The Beetlebugs
  • The Ballast Spreader and The Breakdown Tarin

Frank the Greay Diesel


  • Frank and The Top Hat
  • Frank and The Bootlace
  • Troublesome Beetlebugs
  • Frank and The Express

Yellow Ballast Spreader The Ballast Spreader Again


  • The Ballast Spreader and The Guard
  • The Ballast Spreader Goes Fishing
  • The Ballast Spreader, Fergus and The Snow
  • The Ballast Spreader and Captain

Troublesome Engines


  • Duck and The Elephant
  • Engines and Turntables
  • Trouble in The Shed
  • Peter Sam Runs Away

Duck the Great Western Engine


  • Coal
  • The Flying Kipper
  • Paxton's Horn
  • Peter Sam and The Trousers
  • Duck's Sneeze

Harold the Helicopter


  • Harold and The Stouth Frog
  • The Ballast Spreader in Trouble
  • Dirty Objects
  • Betty Lou's Christmas Party

Paxton the Green Diesel


  • Off The Rails
  • Leaves
  • Down the Mine
  • Paint Pots and Queens

Oliver the Great Western Engine


  • Cows
  • Captain's Chase
  • Saved From Scrap
  • Old Iron

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