The Battle over Scummier
Conflict Reptilien Wars
Date 6th Month
Place Scummier
Result Empire Victory
Reptilien Empire Axis Confederacy
Supreme General Reptileus Concarna, Commander Doris, Commander Nellix Lord Mandela, General Revus.

Viper Class Battleships, Nemesis Class Battleships, Nebula Class Frigate, Reptilien Star Fighter, Dodge Fighter.

Vaster Alliance Gun Platforms, Dumas Confederation Ramous Battleships, Hexes Federation Battle Cruisers, Bubble Fighters.

Medium Vary Large

The First Battle in Reptilien Wars.

Setting the Stage

Days earlier, Lord Mandela Sent A message to the senate of the Reptilien Empire, Either give up all of the Mid Realm to the Axis Confederacy Or be destroyed. Emperor Clangor refused to give into terrorists, but just to make sure that nothing happened, he sent Supreme General Reptileus Concarna to the edge of the Inner Mid realm to make sure that nothing happened.

A few days later over Scummier, Commander Doris reported that they were under attack. Both Supreme General Reptileus Concarna and Commander Nellix raced to Scummier to fight back. But when they arrived Scummier was surrounded by a large Fleet of Axis Ships.

The Battle

Jumping out of Hyperspace hours after the signal was sent both Fleets went into combat. At the same time, Civilian ships from Scummier were trying to escape before the planet took damage. They too were thrown into the fight. About 30 minutes into the battle, Vaster Alliance Gun Platforms jumped out of light speed and joined in the attack.

Reptileus Concarna Quickly uses 4 battleships to invent a new maneuver. Now known as the Concarna maneuver, Reptileus used the ships and made it appear they were going to ram enemy ships, then just secondeds before they hit, they turned so that the engines would hit the shields, sending them offline. Onboard his ship General Revus realized that the Gun Platforms were in too much danger.

He ordered them to Make a run for it. But without the Gun Platforms, the Axis Confederacy took heavy losses. Soon they were forced to retreat.

The Aftermath

After the Battle It was discovered 200 of the 359 ships were destroyed. A Heavy Loses, The Empire Declared War on the Axis Confederacy. The Events plague Emperor Clangor for some time.

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