The Bear Of Notre Dame(sturmelle15 style)

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  • Cast
  • Baloo(The Jungle Book)-Quasimodo
  • Robin Hood(Robin Hood)-Captain Phoebus
  • Maid Marian(Robin Hood)-Esmeralda
  • Emperor Zurg(Toy Story 2)-Frollo
  • Genie(Aladdin)-Clopin
  • Jessie(Toy Story 2)-Laverne
  • Buzz Lightyear(Toy Story)-Hugo
  • Woody(Toy Story)-Victor
  • Pegasus(Hercules)-Djali
  • Sequel
  • Skippy(Robin Hood)-Zephyr
  • Rebecca Cunningham(Talespin)-Madleine
  • Shere Khan(The Jungle Book)-Sarousch

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