The Beatles (ビートルズBītoruzu) is an anime series based on the English rock band of the same name. The cartoon features animation provided by Larry Schwarz (creator of Kappa Mikey) and Al Brodax who created the 1960s Beatles cartoon series. The anime series features the character's designs in a Japanese anime style in their moptop-and-suit genre, but on special occasions, dressed down to their 1970s-80s looks, especially when encountering with the Maharishi.

The only Beatles members that voice their cartoon caricatures are the only living Beatles; Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. John Lennon and George Harrison are voiced by their middle-aged offsprings, Sean (John's son) and Dhani (George's son). Yoko Ono voices herself. Former American Idol and current X Factor judge, Simon Cowell, voices the Beatles' chain-smoking money loving manager, Brian Epstein and Simpsons' Hank Azaria voices the Maharishi.


The plot is that the Beatles are traveling around the world to perform several concerts for different countries but due to the differences between their culture, they get into many amounts of trouble.

The show features two segments that wraparound the main plot. The first segment is a series of silent "Dancing Sushi" cartoons by Larry Schwarz. The second segment is called "Beatles Sing-a-Long" in which John, Paul or George start trying out for karaoke with Ringo as the song chooser in which he messes up by taking metaphors literally in which after Ringo's schnannigans, the main Beatle presses the button in which features the actual Beatles music video with karaoke lyrics. A third segment makes it's first appearance, sharing the spot with Dancing Sushi, which is "John's Virtual Adventure" in which John goes on an adventure based on a video game, such as the NES or Wii.


  • Paul McCartney - Himself
  • Sean Lennon - John Lennon
  • Dhani Harrison - George Harrison
  • Ringo Starr - Himself
  • Yoko Ono - Herself
  • Simon Cowell - Brian Epstein
  • Hank Azaria - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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